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Enjoy a Vineyard Brunch

On the edge of the Wagram loess precipice, the new regional wine event center, Weritas, is suspended between dreamy blue skies and lush rows of grape vines. Visit this shimmering glass structure for a “Wine Brunch” in a restaurant bathed in sunlight and surrounded by views of vineyards. Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

 © Jürgen Pistracher

Kirchberg am Wagram

Kirchberg am Wagram on the map

Only a structure as pristine as Weritas could highlight the unique loess foundation of Wagram, which it overlooks. Tasting wines from the Wagram vintners is an essential reason to visit, but the adjoining restaurant, which serves light, contemporary fare is also worth the trip.

For the weekends, Weritas hosts a convivial “Sunday Wine Brunch” enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Graze on a buffet loaded with seasonal appetizers, entrees, and desserts made from regional ingredients while you taste wines. Discover the delicate aromas and flavors with a glass of the rare, indigenous grape variety Roter Veltliner and the flagship grape Grüner Veltliner. Both grapes are cultivated on steep bedrock sites called loess terraces, which give the wines a special character. The crystal clear fruit pairs wonderfully with local dishes. Choose from 35 types of wines offered for €1 per taste or starting at €2.50 by the glass. 

Reservations are recommended.