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Wiener Mélange with Strauss Music

Coffeehouses in Vienna are your home away from home. Delicious coffee specialties, yummy pastries, all enjoyed in cozy seats and couches, paired with live piano music. Yes, read on! Many of Vienna’s best coffeehouses are your private concert hall, with live piano music, often with soloists -- and enjoyed all for free.

Coffeehouse Culture

Music and Vienna is a match made in heaven. Live music paired with a Wiener Mélange (a local coffee specialty) and pastry is pure paradise. Many legendary Viennese coffeehouses are not only a delight for the tongue, but also for the ear. Live, and free, piano music, sometimes accompanied by string soloists, fills the air with fine tunes of Johann Strauss, the Waltz King, traditional Viennese songs, or jazzy melodies.

Try the Café Schwarzenberg, the oldest coffeehouse on the famous Ring Boulevard. Almost opposite, Café Imperial invites to an Imperial Cake with live music played on an original Bösendorfer Grand Piano. Or explore Café Landtmann next to the stately Burgtheater Wien, where celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich, Burt Lancaster, or Sir Paul McCartney listened to the piano. Opposite of the Museum for Applied Arts is Café Prückel, with its interior from the 1950s inspiring both coffeehouse and design lovers. At Café Sperl, opera lovers appreciate fine waltz tunes before an opera performance at the nearby Theater an der Wien.