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Culture & Traditions

Austria is recognized worldwide as a country synonymous with culture. And truly, culture here does flourish impressively with the list of events taking place in cities, towns and villages throughout the country.

Special Experiences

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Journeys through Austria

Are you looking for unforgettable experiences in Austria? Browse through our itineraries & suggestions and find some inspiration for your next trip to Austria.

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller

A Cultural Intersection

Austria as a European Meeting Place

Austria has an abundance of cultural treasures. This includes its “high culture”, of course, but also its everyday culture and the special lifestyle of the people who live here, the culinary specialities that serve as the landmarks of Austria and its individual regions, and the encounters visitors have with the incomparable people of our country. All of these qualities are so impressive today because they are the result of a great variety of influences from West and East, from North and South. Throughout history, Austria has always played a special role in the centre of Europe: as a bridge-builder, as a meeting place, and as a venue for cultural exchange.

  A cultural voyage of discovery

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