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Green flames on white

Green swirls dance around the edge of a bowl, a stag leaps along the curves of a cup, flowers are strewn colourfully across a plate – a sight to please the senses and lift the mood at your table. Gmundner Keramik has been the leading Austrian ceramics company for more than 300 years and enjoys international acclaim.

The factory’s figurehead design with cult status is the green “Geflammte“. The bold pattern of cheerful green swirls on a white background has been gracing plates, cups, vases and oven tiles since the 17th century. This particular design earned Gmundner Keramik the patronage of the entire Austro-Hungarian royal family.  Since then, the ceramics factory has been a firm fixture in Gmunden am Traunsee, an idyllic lakeside village in Upper Austria’s Salzkammergut region.  Nearly every Austrian household owns Gmundner pottery. The most popular design of the largest ceramics manufacturer in central Europe is still the classic Geflammte, closely followed by Streublumen (floral) and Hirschen (stags). Solely by the choice of colour - if the stag is not finely drawn in green or red but in an elegant grey - its character changes: it becomes modern and urban.

Dishwasher proof, robust and suitable for microwave ovens, this tableware keeps it looks indefinitely and is in high demand by restaurants and hotels. It is sold in designer shops as a perfect example of Austrian craftsmanship. The factory has also developed new and exquisite designs with gold or platinum rims, in brilliant colours or with geometric patterns. Yet, despite its popularity, every piece is still produced by hand.  Before it leaves the factory every article passes through 60 different hands as it is moulded, glazed, painted, fired and quality checked. And no two items are the same - every piece of original Gmundner Keramik is unique.  A table decorated with pottery from Gmunden fulfils a desire for style and serves as a beautiful souvenir of a holiday in Austria.



Gmundner Keramikmanufaktur
Guided tours through the factory - from the raw material to the finished product. The painting hall is particularly impressive: 60 women hand paint the dots, flowers and chequered patterns.

For groups of at least 5 people: Entrance €5.

You can also buy Gmundner Keramik articles from the factory shop.


28th Austrian Pottery Market
Every August the ceramic town of Gmunden am Traunsee becomes a pottery mecca. Alongside the pottery market also contemporary ceramic art is displayed. Gmunden's galleries and exhibition rooms show the work of young Austrian and international ceramics artists.

Dates: 26 to 28/08/2016

Green flames on white

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