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Vienna's world class Wineries

Did you know, that Vienna is the only world capital with a significant wine production within it's city limits? Grapes were cultivated here as early as 1132 AD and it’s now “in” to drink Viennese wine. Respected vintners are bringing their visions to the exploding culinary and cultural renaissance happening in Vienna.
During the Middle Ages, each district of Vienna worked its own vineyards. In the 16th century the city's wine tavern culture sprang to life. The Heurigen (wine taverns) scene was made possible through an imperial edict, which allowed growers to serve food with their wine. The wine tavern culture continues to thrive. As the city grew, many of the vineyards were lost to development.

Recently there has been a trend towards recultivation. Fine wine from Vienna is now counted among the classic wines of the world. There are 630 producers (that's one wine producer per 2,500 persons - what a town!) working 1,680 acres of vineyards - many reachable by foot or tram. White grapes dominate these vineyards. Grüner Veltliner the quintessential Austrian grape, is common, along with Riesling and Chardonnay. These crisp white wines are the perfect accompaniment to Wiener Schnitzel, potato salad and all manner of Wurst.

The Vienna Heurigen Express choo-choos wine lovers through vineyards and around town to many of the city's 180-plus wine taverns. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind cosmopolitan wine experience!

Another special experience for connoisseurs of wines is Vienna's Wine Hiking Trail.
Every year in Austria's autumn there is one weekend when the Vienna Wine Hiking Trail is accessible for public - including lots of opportunities to sample good wines and enjoy the view of the city.
Vienna's Wine Hiking Trail

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Day 1:

We guarentee you: Vienna will sweeps you off your feet with its energetic character, multiculturalism, and sophistication. Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design captures this vibe perfectly, marrying the city’s traditional elegance with its hip, modern wine scene. Drop off your bags and make your way to City Center, a fiveminute walk easily stretched to a leisurely two hours.

Depending on your preferred pace, you can explore the Ringstrasse on foot or by tram. Either way, take a break for lunch at the perennially stylish Zum Schwarzen Kameel, the famed Art Nouveau restaurant and cafe. A mélange at a nearby cafe will give you an excuse for some mellow people-watching before you resume your tour of the historic center. The MuseumsQuartier also awaits, with its vast plaza teeming with young people and impromptu cultural happenings. By evening you’ll be ready for Kulinarium 7, the swanky wine shop and restaurant in the well-preserved Spittelberg district.

Day 2:
Resist the urge to dash out of the hotel in the morning—the phenomenal breakfast served is a must. Fully fueled up, you’re ready for a jaunt to the city’s not-to-be-missed vineyards. Tram D will take you to Nussdorf, a pleasant, green suburb surprisingly close to the city center. Roam the vineyards that have been supplying Vienna with its wine for centuries. For a look at vines growing even closer to the city center, pay a visit later to the splendid Schönbrunn Palace, versions of which have been here since the Middle Ages. In celebration of the city’s winemaking tradition, this UNESCO
World Cultural Heritage site recently planted vines in its own backyard. Top off the day with an evening at the world-famous Vienna State Opera.

Day 3:
Needless to say, a thorough search for coinciding festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events should precede any visit to the Austrian capital. But regardless of what’s happening while you’re there, be sure to leave an hour or so to wander Naschmarkt, the thoroughly international outdoor market that’s been around for nearly five centuries. Pick your way through the colorful stalls, nibbling as you go. (Okay, you can’t nibble vinegar—but that’s no reason to miss the memorable Gegenbauer stand, home to a mind-boggling variety of vinegars.) For a proper dinner after all that snacking, Steirereck in Stadtpark offers renowned cuisine (150 cheeses alone!) in an eminently photogenic setting. Which, as a matter of fact, is Vienna in a nutshell.

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