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Walking & Hiking

There are numerous ways to explore and experience a destination but none as intimate and personal as taking the time to enjoy your vacation destination on foot. Walking and hiking in Austria will get you close to nature and allow you to get to know the people and the wonderful traditions in Austria.
Picknick on the pasture © Österreich Werbung - Peter Burgstaller Picknick on the pasture © Österreich Werbung - Peter Burgstaller

Walking & Hiking in Austria

Popular Walking Resorts

The Hills are still alive in Austria! If you are looking for picture perfect scenery, fresh mountain air and crystal clear lakes, Austria offers an abundance of choices. Whether you explore one of the national parks or experience the beauty of the Alps on a long distance trail. Following is our selection of some of the most scenic Alpine resorts with a sophisticated network of trails of varying altitudes and levels of difficulty.

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Feel the Alps

Plan you hiking holiday in Austria

Plan your hiking holiday with Outdoor Travel

Outdoor Travel organises a variety of accompanied and self-guided hiking holidays in the Austrian Alps. See their website for offers in 2017 or contact the team to enquire about upcoming trips in 2018!

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Hiking programme Innsbruck

Experience Innsbruck's mountains with the AlpinSchule Innsbruck! With your Innsbruck Card you can join their guided hikes for free during the summer months.

  Hiking Programme Innsbruck: professional and free of charge

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