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Berg, Werner (1904 - 1981)

German-born painter Werner Berg was bewitched by the austere beauty of Austria's southern Carinthia, the picturesque villages and quaint farmhouses, the barren high Alpine meadows, the luscious orchards down in the valley, and the hospitality and friendliness of the people.
For these reasons Werner Berg decided to leave Germany for Austria and take up residence at the Rutharhof farm in Carinthia. The remote farmhouse, situated high above the River Drau, became the setting for a remarkable symbiosis of art and life. It was here that Berg worked under at times precarious conditions as artist and farmer until his death.

Berg was an outsider to the Austrian art scene of the 20th century. Central to his artistic work were the landscapes and the people of his adopted "second home", observed with the objectivity of a stranger and the intensity of a lover. With his work he gave the province of Carinthia a unique document, archived for visitors at the Werner Berg Museum in Bleiburg.

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