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Schubert, Franz (1797 - 1828)

Franz Schubert was a Viennese composer, who composed his first pieces in his childhood. His short life was marked by tremendous creativity.
Franz Schubert was a true Viennese. He was born in an outlying district of the imperial capital on 31st January 1797 and died there of typhus on 19th November 1828 aged just thirty-one. His short life was marked by tremendous creativity.

Schubert composed his first pieces while still a child. From 1818 he was able to devote himself entirely to composing thanks to the financial support of his friend Franz von Schober. The core of Schubert’s work are his lieder. His marches and instrumental music reveal Hungarian influence. Schubert’s sonatas, chamber music and symphonies follow the Viennese Classic in form, while reflecting the Romantic in their tonal fantasy and melody. Less well-known are the composer’s operas and singspiels. The "Trout Quintet" for piano or the "Fair Maid of the Mill" ("Die Schöne Müllerin") are familiar to a broad public.

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