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Data Protection and Terms of Use
1. General
At the main domains and the Austrian National Tourist Office operates websites, which serve the promotion of tourism to Austria free or against payment. In the following, the websites means any website that can be accessed by entering this or another transferring URL. The website means any website that can be accessed by entering this or any transferring URL. All users are requested to carefully read the following terms and conditions of use, as well as the other legal texts.

The user’s agreement to the terms and conditions of use and other legal texts listed below (e.g. declaration of data protection, declaration of copyright protection, linking & framing) is an absolute requirement for the use of the websites and The use of the websites indicates that the user accepts the terms and conditions of use and all other legal texts. If the user does not accept the terms and conditions of use, further use of the websites and is prohibited.
Violation of any or all of the requirements of the terms and conditions of use and other legal texts listed below will result in the immediate, automatic termination of the right to use the website. For such violations, Österreich Werbung reserves all rights, however arising (e.g. claims of warranty or damages), with regard to the affected user(s).

2. Copyright
The use of the websites and is permitted exclusively for informational purposes, both for private and for professional purposes. All contents of the websites an are protected by copyright, regardless of whether the contents are provided for a fee of free of charge. In the case of content which is provided for a fee (e.g. download of studies available for a fee), special regulations prescribe the extent to which other usage rights exists.

Any type of reproduction, distribution, renting, lending, publication, or other use of any type at all requires the explicit written permission of Österreich Werbung and is forbidden without such permission. An exception exists when an explicit deviation is regulated by a special provision.

Violations of this requirement can result in legal actions, particularly under trademark, copyright and competition law. Österreich Werbung explicitly retains copyright and usage rights arising from it (rights to use works and authorization to use works) for all contents provided on the websites and All users are requested to read the Copyright Statement as well. [Link auf Copyright Statement]

3. Data Protection

Österreich Werbung places great value on the careful handling of personal data. For this reason, the data protection policy of Österreich Werbung follows the principle of data confidentiality preservation and particularly emphasizes the protection of personal data. All users are invited to read the requirements for Data Protection as well. [Link auf Privacy-Policy]

4. Warranty

Österreich Werbung can not guarantee that the websites and will always be available at any time. Technical errors and/or maintenance work as well as other causes (such as re-launch of the website) can result in the brief or lengthy loss of access to the websites and Österreich Werbung has no liability for any specific availability or accessibility of the websites and

Österreich Werbung does not take any liability of any kind for the correctness, completeness, legality, objectivity and current status of the content made vailable on the websites and This applies also to all products and services offered on the websites, including associated descriptions and prices. Österreich Werbung can at any time and without prior notice adjust, change and remove the website in the whole or in part.

5. Liability

Österreich Werbung and the persons and companies associated with Österreich Werbung respectively are not liable for any damage, however arising (such as foregone profits, frustrated expenditures, damages due to loss of data, loss of service, claims due to enrichment law, legal advice, or contract establishment costs). This exclusion of liability applies to any damage caused by the use of the websites, temporary or lengthy loss of use of the website (downtime), limited availability of the website or the contents located on it, erroneous representation of contents, representation of contents of third parties, or representation of hyperlinks on and

Should any damage to hardware and/or software, or to other data contents, occur due to the use of the websites and or its contents, Österreich Werbung bears no liabilty of any kind. The user takes note of the fact that the services provided by Österreich Werbung are also offered by the involvement of third parties network operators.

Thus, the availability of services is dependent on the technical provisions of external network service providers. Österreich Werbung assumes no obligation to keep the service offered free of interruption and available at any time on the Internet. The user is aware of the fact that Österreich Werbung can not exercise any influence on the accessibility of the Internet, the transmission rate, the availability and stability of the network connections and accesses.

Östereich Werbung is entitled to interrupt services for a reasonable period of time for internal reasons, such as maintenance purposes. A temporary restriction of services can occur particularly due to force majeure, strikes, lock-outs and official orders as well as technical changes to the facilities of Österreich Werbung or of other measures that are necessary for the proper or improved operation of the facilities (e.g. maintenance work, repairs, etc.). Users have no rights to claims because of this; however, Östereich Werbung will work towards the fast elimination of the disruption.

Users are entitled to make use of the Österreich Werbung services at their own risk and expenses and they are obligated to only use suitable technical devices, such as appropriate computers, modems, etc. Moreover, users are obligated to make use of the services only under observance of the legal regulations and, in particular, to refrain from any abuse of the services.
As fas as free services are concerened, Östereich Werbung reserves the right to provide them for a fee at any time upon prior notice. In any case there is no claim to the provision of free services.

Östereich Werbung also offers its users services (e.g. information) that are placed, produced or otherwise made available by third parties. In the operation of its Internet portal, Östereich Werbung will seek as far as possible to not violate any rights of third parties, in particular, but not exclusively, copyright, exploitation rights, trademarks or other kinds of usage rights. However, Österreich Werbung does not guarantee that services (e.g. information) utilized by the users are free of third parties rights, in particular, but not exclusively of copyrights, exploitation rights, trademark rights or other kinds of usage rights. Österreich Werbung is exempt from any liability for any damage resulting from this.

If Österreich Werbung provides free software downloads (e.g. screen savers) on its website, it does not take on any liability of any kind for their functionality. In particular, no liability is taken on for possible (consequential) damage resulting from the use of software (e.g. damage of operating system).

Any prices of any kind indicated on the website are not binding. Österreich Werbung takes no liability for their correctness.
This general exclusion of liabiliy applies regardless of any enforced claim basis, for negligence and, if the user is an entrepreneur, also for gross negligence. Limitation of liability extends to contractual and non-contractual claims.

6. Modifications

Österreich Werbung has the right to modify, adapt, or update these terms and conditions of use and all other legal texts, in whatever form, at any time and without notice. The current version of these terms and conditions is binding. All users of the websites and should regularly review these terms and conditions and the associated legal texts, in order to be able to follow the modifications. All users of the websites and declare that they explicitly agree that the currently valid version applies to users as soon as they revisit the website and do not expressly, in writing, reject the current version of the terms and conditions of use and the other legal texts.

7. Hyperlinks

Österreich Werbung is not responsible for linked websites and their contents. The hyperlinks presented on the websites and are free services provided by Österreich Werbung. Österreich Werbung has no control over the structure of or changes to this websites, or over the content offered on them. Any hyperlinks from and that link to outside content do not imply any valuation of the linked contents. Österreich Werbung does not take on any liability of any kind for the correctness, completeness, legality, objectivity, and current status of the content. Access to information that is reached via hyperlinks from and is the sole responsibility of the user. All users are requested to read the rules on Linking & Framing. If you as user should find a link that refers to a legally problematic content, you are requested to inform Österreich Werbung about this link by e-mail to, so that it can be deleted as soon as possible if necessary.

8. Legal Texts

All other legal texts on and that are referred to in these terms and conditions of use are an integral part of these terms and conditions of use, and are subordinate to the requirements set forth in these terms and conditions of use, whenever they do not include specific regulations, More specific regulations with regard to usage rights can exist, for example, in the case of content available for a fee.

9. Jurisdiction/Place of Performance/Governing Law

If the user is an entrepreneur, the court of first instance responsible for the first district of Vienna has jurisdiction as regards the subject matter is exclusively responsible for all disputes. If the users are consumers according to the consumer protection law, this is only applicable if their place of residence, their habitual residence or their place of employment is within the court’s administrative district. The place of performance for all claims and obligations is the head office of Österreich Werbung. Austrian substantive law is applicable to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and the national law of conflict.

10. Severability Clause/Miscellaneous

The invalidity or ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the terms of use does not affect the legal effectiveness of the remaining provisions; in this case, those agreements are regarded as having been reached that are legally valid and come closest to the original purpose of Österreich Werbung.
If something is required in written form, transmission by fax or email also meets this requirement.

11. Google Analytics

The websites of Östereich Werbung use Google Analytics, a service of Google Inc. ("Google"), to perform web analytics. Google Analytics saves so called cookies onto your computer in order to analyse how websites are used. The information obtained on how you use the websites of Österreich Werbung (including your IP address) will be transferred to a server of Google in the US and saved. Google will use this information in order to perform analytics on the use of the websites, such as anonymised analysis and graphics on page views and visits. Österreich Werbung only uses the data to carry out market research and to optimise its websites. In addition, Google may transfer this information to third parties if this is required by law, or third parties will process the data on behalf of Google. Further information on Google Analytics is available on the Internet at

12. The use of  Facebook Social Plugins

Our Website uses Social Plugins which are provided by Facebook (, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. The Plugins are marked with a Facebook Logo (white „f" on blue tile or „thumbs-up" sign) or with the adjunct  "Facebook Social Plugin" . Find out about Facebook Social Plug-ins at:
If you navigate to one of our Internet pages containing this plugin, your browser, if adequately configurated, will connect directly to the Facebook servers. Facebook transmits the Plugin's content directly to your browser and further to the website. Due to this procedure we do not have any influence on the range of data collected by the plugin and may therefore provide you with the following information:

By activating the plugin Facebook is informed that you have called up a certain page of our website. If you are logged on to Facebook, it can associate your visit with your Facebook account. If you interact with the plugins, such as „ Like"  or give a comment your browser transmits the information to Facebook, where it is saved. Facebook can find out and save your IP address even if you are not a Facebook member.

For details on the purpose and extent of the collected data and their further processing, the  use of the data by Facebook as well as your rights and required settings to protect your privacy please see the Facebook data protection information:

If you are a Facebook member and disagree with Facebook collecting your data through our website you have to log-out from Facebook before visiting us. It will not be enough to just close the page.

It is also possible to block Facebook-Social-Plugins with Add-ons for your browser, e.g. with the help of the "Facebook Blocker".


1. Copyright of Own Content

All information provided on the websites and (e.g. texts, graphics, videos, music etc) is protected by copyright and/or trademark right in favor of Österreich Werbung. It is therefore not permitted to download, copy and distribute the website in whole or in part. In particular, the rights or reproduction, distribution, renting, lending, publishing, making available, and transmitting in any form whatsoever belong exclusively to Österreich Werbung or to third parties. Violations of copyright and trademark right will be pursued by legal actions.

2. Copyright of Foreign Content
On the websites and Österreich Werbung provides services (e.g. contents of advertising partners, contents of co-operation partners) that entail the use of foreign contents (e.g. texts, graphics, videos, music, logos). These contents can be viewed by all users. Any other kind of use of the multi-media files and texts requires prior and explicit consent of the author or other holders of the right or authorization to use. The author or the holder of the right or authorization to use reserves all rights to the multi-media files and texts.

Östereich Werbung will inform the author or the other holder of the right or authorization to use about copyright violations whenever Östereich Werbung learns about them. In any case, Österreich Werbung does not accept liability of any kind for copyright violations of third parties. Every partner (e.g. advertising partner or co-operation partner) indemnifies Österreich Werbung from any liability.

Privacy Statement

1. General
Österreich Werbung places great value on the private sphere of each individual customer. The following regulations apply exclusively to personal information that Österreich Werbung receives via the websites and from users of these websites.
Personal data are only retained whenever this contributes to the optimization of the services rendered by Österreich Werbung. Österreich Werbung retains personal data exclusively for the following purposes: users can receive information about specific subject areas via e-mail upon request (e.g. answers to advertisements, tips about events), and possibly take advantage of services or purchase products (e.g. studies, brochures) via the websites and
Treatment by Österreich Werbung of personal data transmitted by users of the websites and is guided by the following principles:

2. Access and Transparency
The purpose of this declaration of data protection is to inform all users about the use of personal data by Österreich Werbung, as well as about the data protection policy of the company. Since customers have the ability to ask specific questions and receive specific information via the websites and, Österreich Werbung needs information about the identity of the customer and the ability to initiate contact.
The current content of the websites and austriatourism. com is continually updated by Österreioch Werbung. For this reason, Österreich Werbung asks all users to provide information about their field of work and career, and to enter appropriate information about expectations and experiences with products and services offered by Österreich Werbung.

3. Purposive Use of Cookies
A cookie is a small file that is written onto the user’s hard drive by certain websites. Cookies can only contain data that the user voluntarily announces. Österreich Werbung uses cookies in order to be able to adapt the services offered on and to the users’ needs and to structure the contents of and in the best possible way. Information that can be derived from the use of cookies will also be used to further improve the navigation structure of and and to optimize its user-friendliness. Östereich Werbung will use cookies only in cases where they are absolutely necessary. Browsers can be configured in such way that you will be informed prior to the acceptance of cookies or that cookies will always be denied. Cookies saved can be deleted at any time.

4. Service-oriented Processing and Use of Data
Data are processed and used by Österreich Werbung only in order to offer customers the best possible service. The data help, for instance, in completing transactions, sending information about products and services by Österreich Werbung, as well as the further improvement of the websites and Customer credit card information is used only in connection with payments, and is neither stored nor processed – if it is gathered at all – for other purposes.

Österreich Werbung may provide users of the website and with information about products or services, and may ask users their opinions of development and improvement of and Users will always have the ability to refuse to provide such information, and to decline this type of request and information in the future. In this case, Österreich Werbung will, as fas as reasonably possible, endeavour to prevent additional information from being sent to users of the websites and In addition, each user may declare in advance that he does not wish to receive such requests and information.

5. Forwarding of Data
Personal data about users of the websites and that are provided online to Österreich Werbung are generally provided only to other Österreich Werbung companies or business partners, when necessary. In all other cases, personal data are provided to third parties only with prior permission of the affected person or due to legal obligation. Any data that is provided online may also be combined with information that was provided when obtaining services or ordering products of Österreich Werbung.

6. Prior Information Requiring Approval
Personal data that are transmitted online are processed exactly in accordance with these requirements. In case these requirements are not adhered to, prior approval of the affected person will be obtained.

7. Data Protection Commission
Österreich Werbung is registered with the Austrian Data Protecion Commission and entered in the data processing register. Based on this registration, the following data processing number (DVR number) was issued to Österreich Werbung: 0008133.

8. Accuracy, Information and Corrections
Österreich Werbung continually updates and corrects the existing store of personal data. Users have the ability to inform Österreich Werbung of changes in their personal data at any time. The data are then updated and corrected appropriately. Users are requested to send all requests regarding accuracy, correcting and deletion of their personal data, as well as requests for information about their personal data, to the following e-mail address:

9. Data Security
Österreich Werbung endeavours, as much as possible according to the state of the art, to protect personal data from random and illegal destruction and loss, and to ensure that the use of the data is legal and that the data are not available to unauthorized persons. Österreich Werbung is entitled to store critical data in encrypted form.

10. Data Confidentiality
Employees of Österreich Werbung are obligated to maintain data confidentiality, including for a certain period after ending their employment.

11. Further Development and Data Protection
The data protection policy of Österreich Werbung is applied out of recognition of active data protection and to maintain data confidentiality. Österreich Werbung considers the main task to successful data protection policy to be continual development and improvement of the data protection standards of Österreich Werbung in the association.

Linking & Framing

1. Links from Other Websites to and
Österreich Werbung allows (hyper-)links under the following conditions: They must not alter the contents of the website and in any way; recognition of the origin of all contents in full must be ensured. Moreover, and must be shown in its entirety as a linked website. Representation of the contents of the websites and using frames is not permitted. Links from the websites with contents that is insulting, provocative, in violation of community standards, or otherwise controversial is also prohibited. The content of the websites which link to the websites and must adhere completely to all applicable legal requirements (e.g. copyright law, advertising law, data protection law, criminal law).

Above all, these websites must not present the relationship to Österreich Werbung in a fraudulent, incorrect, or illegal manner. Cooperation with or support of Österreich Werbung in any manner whatsoever may only be established if Österreich Werbung has previously given express written permission. In particular the use of Österreich Werbung corporate identity (e.g. logos) requires prior permission from Österreich Werbung. Österreich Werbung retains all rights in case of illegal links.

2. Links from and to Other Websites
Österreich Werbung places great value, when linking to other websites, in ensuring that foreign content on the linked websites is not modified in any way; that the recognition of the origin of this foreign content is ensured; and that the linked site is shown in its entirety. When showing foreign content, a new browser window is opened in each case; the framing technique is not used. Österreich Werbung bears no responsibility of any kind for the legality of the content of foreign websites that are linked by Österreich Werbung. In particular, Österreich Werbung bears no responsibility for later modifications to these contents.

The incorporation of a website placed or run by third parties into the Internet portal run by Österreich Werbung does not present any recommendation or guarantee with regard to the services offered and contained therein, especially information as well as products or services offered. Whenever Österreich Werbung uses links to refer to websites that are not run by Österreich Werbung, this merely presents an additional service for users in order to provide them with access to those websites. However, in these cases, Österreich Werbung does not give any guarantee nor does it accept liability for the contents of such websites.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.