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    Lifestyle & Being Active in Austria

    From sunrise hikes to special animal experiences – find out why being active is so good for us, both physically and mentally.

    •                 Hofpürgelhütte climbing Filzmoos
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      Why We Are Drawn to the Mountains

      The mountains fascinate us – not least because of their unpredictability. Join us on a hike that led from Innsbruck through part of the Karwendel mountain range and ended quite differently than planned.

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    •                     Sunrise hike Mondspitze / Mondspitze

      "Do You Remember" Tours: Austria's Most Memorable Hikes

      “Do you remember” tours are hikes that still bring a smile to your face years later – like Claudia Steiner's tour to the top of the Mondspitze mountain. Plus: Austria's most memorable hikes.
      Climb the summit with Claudia
    •                     Family Walking Tour

      Oh, the Places We’ll Go! Being Active in Times of Corona

      From our daily walk to beer o'clock via Zoom: Has the past year brought us closer to nature or driven us further into a virtual world? A column by Anna Cummins.
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    •                     Isel Gorge

      How This River Caused a 50-Year-Long Fight

      Why the Isel, Austria's last free-flowing, glacier-fed river, in East Tirol is a success story for conservation and tourism alike
      Explore the contentious history
    •                     Yoga on the Stand Up Paddleboard

      From Wreck Diving to White-Water Swimming: 5 Unexpected Aquatic Adventures in Austria

      In Austria's rivers and lakes, you can dive down to see a submarine made of concrete, or glide across the water’s surface while practicing yoga.
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    •                     Margit Kern, owner of the Stonehill Ranch in the Muehlviertel region of Upper Austria, shows how to relax on horseback in the Muehlviertel Alps.

      Why Animal Encounters Enrich Holidays

      Animals are balm for the soul. Nina Zasche tells us why walking with a donkey was the slowest, yet most exhilarating hike she has ever been on.
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    •                     Seethalerhütte on the Dachstein - construction 2016/2017

      How Does the Hut Get On the Mountain?

      Have you ever wondered how a hut gets on the mountain? Is it like the ancient pyramids? Do hundreds of people have to carry wood, stone, and mattresses up the slopes? Spoiler alert: no. At least not nowadays, although we still don’t envy the digger driver.
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