• Dazzling Events in Innsbruck

    Mountain bikers

    Mountain bikers

    Innsbruck Tourismus / Tom Bause

Spring 2020


Tour of The Alps: Start in Innsbruck (April 20)
The professional road cycling stage race will be winding its way through three European regions of Tirol, South Tirol and Trentino for a third run. The grand opening takes place in Innsbruck, so you can cheer on the exceptional athletes on their first stretch!

Innsbruck Alpine Trail Run Festival (30 April - May 2)

The route of the Alpine Trail Run Festival particularly impresses thanks to a sophisticated mix of urban sections and high Alpine trails. Sure to excite all running enthusiasts are five different stages (K15, K25, K42, K65, K85) with the Heart of the Alps Ultra, over 50 miles (85 kilometres) and 11,000 ft (3,400 metres) elevation gain, providing the greatest challenge.

  • Climbing Martinswand in Innsbruck

    Climbing Martinswand in Innsbruck

    Innsbruck Tourismus / Christian Vorhofer

Summer 2020


Golden Roof Challenge
A unique backdrop, numerous top athletes, and over 5,000 spectators: the Golden Roof Challenge is a pole vault and long jump event of international standing. At the largest mobile athletics track in the world, athletes compete in front of Innsbruck’s most famous landmark, the Golden Roof, for the coveted “Golden Roof Shingle”.

Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival (June 10 - June 14)
The world's biggest mountain bike festival has a stop in Innsbruck for the third time. The action-packed event will feature elite bikers and a special expo!

Tour Transalp (June 21 - June 27)
The most spectacular bike stage race in Europe will start in Innsbruck for the first time this year. Participants from over 30 nations, unique paths and famous stage places make this event a great experience for everyone.

Promenade Concerts (July)
Warm summer evening? No better way to spend it than classical and traditional music in the courtyard of the Imperial Palace! Enjoy local Alpine tunes in the stunning historic setting. The concerts take place every night during the month of July and are completely free.

Innsbruck New Orleans Jazz Festival
Listen to international jazz musicians play in the streets and city squares of Innsbruck. Program details are released in the spring!

Festival of Early Music (July/August)
When Innsbruck was a seat of Habsburg, music coursed through its streets. The city celebrates this heritage every year by throwing one of the world's best festivals for early music.

Music in the Alps
Music in the Alps is a music festival in the heart of the mountains that brings together famous artists and talented newcomers from various countries. Under a professional conductor, students perform in exciting venues in the city and the mountains.


  • Christkindlmarkt Innsbruck

    Christkindlmarkt Innsbruck

    Innsbruck Tourismus / Christof Lackner

Winter 2020/2021


Christmas Markets (end of November - early January)
Christmas in Innsbruck is magical. Framed by the snowy Nordketten mountains, the city is a cozy and twinkling wonderland. With six traditional Austrian Christmas markets, visitors can sip mulled wine, watch the Krampus parades and nibble all sorts of regional specialties. The Hungerburg market is held in the mountains, overlooking the old town.

Tyrolean Carol Singing
Traditional Tirolean artists light the Christmas spirit of their listeners with authentic music and impressive singing at Congress Innsbruck!