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    Turning, Edges, Gliding: Become an ASF Expert

    Each run has its own characteristics and depending on the weather, the right ski settings are important to achieve your personal best. 

    Before we go into details: You don’t have to spend hours tweaking the settings if you don’t want to. Each run has standard settings for turning, edges and gilding. These settings are more than sufficient to qualify for the race.

    However, ASG-experts want more. For each racecourse, you can adapt these three variables at will. To do so, you need a lot of time, because you should test each setting in several training runs.

    Austrian Ski Game

    Test, test, test

    For race tracks with many curves, it is a good idea to focus on the option “Turn,” as it significantly influences the skid behaviour during turns. The ski will become significantly easier to turn, but also drifts more easily. 

    Should you encounter icy conditions, spend some time on the setting for “Edges.” Here you can sharpen the edges of your skis which makes the skis drift less when turning. 

    Less relevant for ice, the option “Glide” is very important when it snows. The higher you set this option, the less deceleration your skis receive from the ground when skiing straight. This is of great advantage on long racecourses with few turns.

    Looking for the perfect ski equipment?

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