How the "Stopp Corona" App Can Help Your Peace of Mind

    It doesn’t take up any room in your suitcase and helps when it really matters: meet the "Stopp Corona" app by the Austrian Red Cross.

    Austria is one of the first European countries to have developed its own app that helps identify chains of infection and break them. This plays a particularly important role for holidaymakers who come into contact with lots of different people. You can download the app for your Android smartphone or iPhone here:

    • Stopp Corona App

      "Stop Corona" App

      Austria’s official contact tracing app automatically records any and all contacts while adhering to strict data protection guidelines. As soon as a user reports an infection, all contacts are automatically notified. Powered by the latest COVID-19 contact tracing technology for iOS and Android, the app is available in German and English.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why is the app so important for my holiday?

      The app creates an automatic connection with users that have been closer than two metres for longer than 15 minutes. This is particularly useful on holiday when you come into close contact with other people more frequently, such as on public transport or museum tours. Through contact tracing, you will quickly find out if you have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus.

    • How does the app prevent the spread?

      As soon as you launch the app, it automatically connects to other users in your surroundings – even in power-saving mode. Data is encrypted before being exchanged, preventing both the app developers and other users from accessing your personal details. In the event of a COVID-19 infection, the app contacts all users that have been in proximity to the infected person for a longer period of time. The alerted users must then monitor their own health and maintain distance to others. This slows and stops the spread.

    • What do the alert levels yellow and red mean?

      The app has two alert levels. A yellow alert shows that someone you have been in contact with has developed symptoms. The red alert means that someone you have been in close contact with (less than two metres) for longer than 15 minutes has tested positive.

    • How should I respond to an alert?

      When alerted, the app will give you advice on how to respond. Having received a yellow alert, it is advisable to cease contact with other people where possible and monitor your health. Following a red alert, the app will instruct you to self-isolate. The app does not, however, decide whether you need to be tested, so it is advisable to call the health advice hotline 1450. You will also receive a notification from the app if someone with whom you came into contact and who had symptoms tests negative.

    • What should I do if I have symptoms myself?

      The app has a clinically tested symptom check, which you can use to send an anonymous yellow alert. Depending on the results, you should call the health advice hotline 1450.

    • I am arriving from abroad and already have a contact tracing app installed. What should I do?

      You can have more than one contact tracing app installed, but only one of them can be activated at any point in time. While you're staying in Austria, please activate the "Stopp Corona" App. Please note that you shouldn't uninstall the app immediately when departing (rather simply deactivate it) to continue to receive alerts in the event of a possible exposure.

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