1450 – Austria’s Coronavirus Advice Hotline

    Anyone who thinks they might have contracted coronavirus can dial 1450 in Austria. The official health advice hotline will tell you what to do next and is there to help guests as well as locals.

    General Information About the Hotline

    Fourteen-fifty: that’s the number you can dial around the clock in Austria to receive reliable information and assistance should you experience coronavirus symptoms. Here is everything you need to know about the health advice hotline 1450.

    First of all: please note that you need to include the Austrian country code +43 if you do not have an Austrian SIM card, so +43 1450.

    • What can I expect when calling 1450?

      The telephone advisor will start by finding out where you are and making sure that you are not in need of urgent medical assistance. This would be a case for the ambulance service, not 1450, which you can reach on 144 in case of an emergency.

      Once this has been established, the healthcare professionals will make recommendations based on your symptoms. These might include: 

      • Home remedies or medication
      • A GP consultation
      • A home visit from a doctor
      • Only in emergencies: hospitalisation
    • What are calls to 1450 charged at?

      Nothing! It’s free to call the health advice hotline within Austria, regardless of network and even when using a foreign mobile phone. Should you have any questions or wish to double check, please contact your network provider.

    • How much does treatment in Austria cost?

      If you have travelled to Austria from the EU or EEA and are insured in your home country, your insurance cover will be valid throughout your holiday in Austria when medically necessary. You will receive the same healthcare as Austrians. Don’t forget to take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and ID with you. You will need these to receive any medical care or treatment.

      We recommend additional travel insurance for guests from outside of the EU or EEA because insurance companies often won’t cover the cost of treatment in Austria. Be sure to check your cover before departure.

      By the way: recovery helicopter and avalanche rescue costs are generally not covered by statutory health / accident insurance!

    • Are there any alternatives to 1450?

      In addition to 1450, you can also dial 0800 555 621. This is the coronavirus hotline provided by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES). Please note that this number is manned from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and intended for general enquiries only. In suspected coronavirus cases, please call 1450.

    • Can I dial 1450 if I don’t speak German?

      In principle, the 1450 hotline is available in German. The telephone advisor will however assist and support you in English if required. There is no designated English-speaking hotline.

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