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    How Austria's COVID-19 "Entry Tests" Work

    To visit places such as restaurants and theatres in Austria, you are required to show a negative COVID test (or proof of vaccination/past COVID infection). Find out everything you need to know about these so-called "entry tests".

    With the vaccination programme swiftly progressing, Austria is still relying on COVID tests as an important additional measure to curb the pandemic. Austria is among the frontrunners worldwide when it comes to testing people, a position we aim to keep. Our so-called "entry tests" will keep you as safe as possible during your stay in Austria this summer, including at your hotel, at restaurants, events, and during indoor recreation.

    If you have already been vaccinated or have had COVID before (proof required), you are free to enter without an additional test. Anybody else can take advantage of our comprehensive testing infrastructure. Please ask directly at your hotel for nearby testing facilities, many of which are free of charge.

    Find more on how Austria's entry tests work below.

    At a Glance

    Where Entry Documents Are Required

    From your hotel check-in to attending the theatre: all places that see a large number of people congregate within a smaller space will require a so-called entry test. A negative test (or proof of vaccination/past COVID-19 infection) is required when:

    • visiting a restaurant
    • checking in at a hotel; and additionally when using services such as the restaurant at a hotel
    • services that require close proximity to others (e.g. hairdresser/barber, make-up, massages)
    • indoor and outdoor events (e.g. theatre, concerts, football stadium)
    • leisure and sport facilities (e.g. spas, indoor and outdoor pools, gyms)

    What You Need to Show

    You need to show any one of these three proofs to gain entry:

    • Negative COVID test: Find more information on validity and testing options below; OR
    • Proof of vaccination: The following vaccines (including mix-and-match vaccines) are recognised: BioNtech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna. A vaccination certificate/vaccination card/vaccine passport in German or English can be used as proof of vaccination; OR
    • Proof of past infection: An official/medical certificate proving a past infection is required.

    Testing in Austria

    Where can I get tested in Austria?

    1. Free tests at the "Teststraßen" testing facilities
      Throughout Austria, "Teststraßen" test centres can be used free of charge. You do need to book an appointment in advance. Please ask at your hotel about the nearest facility.
    2. Free PCR gargle home tests (Vienna only)
      Find all information here.
    3. At selected chemists/pharmacies or at a dedicated lab
      Please ask at your hotel about the nearest facility.
    4. Antigen self-test (with digital registration)
      Procedure depends on which province you're in, please ask at your hotel.
    5. On-site antigen test for one-time entry
      Some restaurants, hotels etc. offer the option to get tested immediately before entering. These are only valid for one-time entry and should only be used as a last resort.

    How long is my test result valid?

    • PCR test (e.g. from a lab, gargle home tests): valid for 72 h
    • Antigen test (e.g. from a pharmacy, "Teststraße" testing facility): valid for 48 h
    • Antigen self-test with digital registration: valid for 24 h
    • On-site antigen test: valid for one-time entry

    Frequently Asked Questions

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