5 Things to Know Before Travelling to Austria

    From current entry regulations to protective measures, here are five important things you should know before travelling to Austria.


    Special rules and regulations are in place

    Find them here

    1. Targeted COVID-19 Protective Measures

    In Austria, a variety of protective measures are in place. Currently, FFP2 face masks are required in most public spaces, such as in shops, museums and the service sector (at the hairdresser's).

    Find all information on current regulations here.

    Current protective measures
    MAK (Museum of Applied Arts), view from Stubenring / MAK - Museum for Applied Arts

    2. Entry Into Austria

    Strict entry rules are in place. Find detailed information on entry into Austria here.

    Please make sure to always check relevant regulations in other countries in addition to Austrian rules, e.g. regulations on returning to your home country from Austria.

    Current entry regulations
    Hiking in Austria

    3. Nationwide Testing for Tourism Employees

    At the moment, hotels and restaurants are closed to tourists.

    In July, nationwide testing was introduced within the tourism industry and may resume after lockdown. Those working at accommodation establishments can be tested on a voluntary basis, with the costs covered by the Austrian government. This large-scale testing means that possible cases can be found early and necessary measures put in place.

    Current measures in hotels and restaurants
    Hochkönigin Hotel

    4. Attractions and Recreational Facilities

    Museums and libraries are currently open.

    Other cultural institutions and recreational facilities, attractions, restaurants, and hotels will reopen after lockdown.


    5. It’s in Your Hands With Our App

    Austria is one of the first European countries to have developed its own app that helps identify chains of infection and break them. The "Stopp Corona" app has been downloaded more than 800,000 times since March 2020. The app adheres to the "Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing" guidelines, meaning that chains of infection can be broken whilst maintaining privacy.

    You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store regardless of whether you live in Austria or not. Find more information on the "Stopp Corona" app here.

    Using the Stopp Corona App

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