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      Advent in Innsbruck / Innsbruck

    Innsbruck: Capital of the Alps

    Innsbruck is the perfect combination of culture and the outdoors with its location right in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Host to not only two but three Winter Olympics this city knows how to entertain, and be active at the same time.

    Enjoy Innsbruck's Slopes and it's Christmas Markets

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      Ski plus City Pass Innsbruck

      Innsbruck is surrounded by dramatic mountains. Discover the 13 ski resorts around the city that hosted three Olympic events and offer easy access from the Old Town.
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    •                     Advent in Innsbruck / Innsbruck

      Innsbruck’s Magical Christmas Markets

      Innsbruck's seven stunning Christmas markets set the scene for the most festive time of the year. Experience the cosy holiday atmosphere in Innsbruck's picturesque Old Town with its fairy tale mountain backdrop.
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