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Innsbruck - Capital of the Alps

Alpine, urban and imperial are the three key words when it comes to Innsbruck and if you want an authentic travel experience make sure to add at least one activity to each of these words. This way you get the best out of the city AND the mountains.

NEW: Innsbruck's seven walks to explore

Explore the diversity of Innsbruck with the new Innsbruck Exploring concept. No other city combines so many contrasts like the Innsbruck: High mountains, culture, nature and modernity. The "walks to explore" are seven short walks in order to discover also other parts of the city. Each walk is dedicated to a special topic.

Do you want to get to know, where the youth of Innsbruck is strolling around or do you want to see the "modern Innsbruck"? Alternatively, are you keen on discovering the authentic Innsbruck by escaping the old town bustle and lingering in the quiet historic surroundings?

The "walks to explore" is mainly addressed to FIT's, who want to experience Innsbruck more intensively. The brochure of the "walks to explore" can be picked up at the Innsbruck Information Office, Burggraben 3, 6020 Innsbruck. For more information click here.

Nordkette Cable Cars 

For the ALPINE feature go up the Nordkette cable cars – in only 20 minutes from the medieval city centre to 2000m altitude to a sunny terrace and mountain hut restaurant with snow to play with until May and June. On the same mountain there is the Alpine Zoo, Europe’s highest altitude zoo and a fun family attraction with more than 2000 animals of the Alps. The nature park Karwendel, Austria’s biggest nature park is as well on the Nordkette mountain. Or try one of the other 6 cable cars that take you within minutes up to the tranquil nature above Innsbruck.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds 

The biggest URBAN sight we have are definitely the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, just 20 minutes from Innsbruck. They count among Austria’s most visited sights and are well known to the Indian tourists. But how about some new experience, like the Bergisel Olympic Ski Jump Tower. This modern architecture monument, built by star-architect Zaha Hadid, offers great views and a restaurant on top and in summer you can even see ski jumpers train there. Grasp some Olympic spirit from the 3 times host city of the Olympic Winter Games.

Imperial Innsbruck

The IMPERIAL history of the baroque and renaissance Innsbruck is present all around. The 800-year-old Old Town with its quaint alleys, the Imperial Palace, Imperial Church and gardens invite you to stroll through the medieval court life. Another highlight is the Ambras Castle Innsbruck, residing in the hills 15 min from the centre. A tram will take you through the forests and hills to this truly romantic sight.

Bilder: Alpine Jewel: Innsbruck

  • Old Town of Innsbruck © Tirol Werbung Old Town of Innsbruck © Tirol Werbung
  • Maria Theresien Street in Innsbruck © Innsbruck Tourismus Maria Theresien Street in Innsbruck © Innsbruck Tourismus
  • Innsbruck Altstadt © Innsbruck Tourismus Innsbruck Altstadt © Innsbruck Tourismus
  • Nordkette, Innsbruck © Innsbruck Tourismus Nordkette, Innsbruck © Innsbruck Tourismus

Innsbruck - Capital of the Alps

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