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Culinary Specialities

Foodies will adore Vorarlberg's Bergkäse cheese, Styria's Weissburgunder wines and pumpkin-seed oil. Pop into Vienna's Grand Cacao for arty pralines and pistachio-filled Mozartkugeln. Warm up with hearty Austrian fare like spicy goulash in the Alps. Tuck into Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad, washed down with gold-hued Stiegl beer. And don't forget to save room for fluffy apple strudel or chocolatey Sacher Torte.

Food & Beverages

Restaurant Anna Sacher © Hotel Sacher Wien Restaurant Anna Sacher © Hotel Sacher Wien

Upscale dining experiences

Looking for an upscale dining experience? We have compiled a list of restaurants, that will enhance you travel experience. This list is in no way complete since there are so many of them throughout Austria.
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Traditional cafe in the art history Museum © Wien Tourismus / Peter  Rigaud Traditional cafe in the art history Museum © Wien Tourismus / Peter Rigaud

Kaffeehaus culture

The Viennese say they looted sacks of coffee beans after the Turks withdrew following a failed siege in 1683. But it was a spy on the payroll of the Royal Court who gave the city its real taste for coffee: born in Istanbul, he founded Vienna’s first Kaffeehaus in 1685.
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Stiegl Brewery in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH Stiegl Brewery in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH

Austrian Beer - Cheers!

A good beer has only four ingredients: water, grain, a little hops and yeast - the rest depends on the brewer’s skill. (And in Austria, we've got plenty!)
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Hillinger Winery © Michael Sazel Hillinger Winery © Michael Sazel

Austria's Wine Regions

Austria’s vibrant wine scene has earned a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation and is the destination for those seeking energy, culture, and charm. The miracle of Austria is that all of its wine regions are incredibly easy to visit. In fact, once you step off the plane in Vienna, you have already arrived in one of the world’s most unique wine regions.
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Mozartkugel in Salzburg Austria Mozartkugel in Salzburg Austria

Edible Souvenirs

After you have returned back home you can still enjoy the tastes of Austria: Styrian pumpkinseed oil, Zotter chocolate, Manner Schnitten hazelnut wafers and the famous Mozart chocolate balls are all popular culinary souvenirs.
Bring home these Austrian treats

Salzburger Nockerl

This light and fluffy dessert may remind some people of Salzburg’s snow capped-mountains - but it is definitely a real treat for gourmets. Legend has it that the famous Salzburg prince archbishop of Raitenau loved his mistress Salome mainly because of her exquisite Salzburger Nockerl.
Salzburger Nockerl Recipe

Austrian Wine 101

Five years ago if one were to proclaim, “I sure do love Austrian wine!” the response would have been blank stares or, “Indeed. I really like their Shiraz.” Nowadays, when one expresses enthusiasm for Austrian wine, the likely response is, “I love Grüner Veltliner,” or “I’ve had fantastic Austrian dessert wine."
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Hangar-7 in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH Hangar-7 in Salzburg © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH

Hangar7 - an arts & culinary temple

Located right at the Salzburg Airport, Hangar-7 is one Europe’s most fascinating places. Stunning architecture, historic aircraft, fast cars, innovative art and world-class cuisine will keep you busy for many hours.
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Wine Tasting Falkenstein © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller Wine Tasting Falkenstein © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller

Pure Indulgence

A number of regions have got together in Austria to create themed routes that invite you to explore rural history with gastronomic delights all along the way.
Wining, dining and culture

Indian Restaurants

Where you can enjoy Indian cuisine in Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck. Its easy to be on your own with our authentic Indian restaurants. You will love the restaurants quality Indian cuisine available in Austria ... Enjoy!
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