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Edible Souvenirs

After you have returned back home you can still enjoy the tastes of Austria: Styrian pumpkinseed oil, Zotter chocolate, Manner Schnitten hazelnut wafers and the famous Mozart chocolate balls are all popular culinary souvenirs.
Manner Hazelnut Wafers 

“Chocolate for all” was the motto of Josef Manner I. Dissatisfied with the quality and price of chocolate, in 1890 Manner decided to produce chocolate himself…

"Chocolate for all" was the motto of Josef Manner I. In 1890, dissatisfied with the quality and price of chocolate, Manner decided to produce chocolate himself. With the “Neapolitaner Schnitte No. 239”, introduced to the market in 1898, the hazelnut wafer set out to conquer the world. The name 'Neapolitaner' comes from Naples in Italy where the hazelnuts used in the wafers come from.

With their recipe for success the Josef Manner Chocolate Factory soon became the leading chocolate company of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The basic recipe of this bite-sized snack which consists of four layers of hazelnut cream between five layers of wafers has not changed until today.

The Manner shops in Austria boast plenty of items which are not available at other shops and therefore make for great gifts: Manner Neapolitaner Wafers in a nostalgia tin box, the 18er Original Manner Wafer pack and much more. Manner is located on Stephansplatz and at the Vienna airport. Other locations are the works in Vienna, Wolkersdorf and Perg.

Salzburger Mozartkugeln

A box of Salzburger Mozartkugeln by Mirabell combines the best Austria has to offer: history, music and tradition.

Long after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had died Salzburg's master confectioner Paul Fürst started to produce little Marzipan balls, rolled them in a walnut-nougat crème, and put them on little sticks. He then dunked them into warm chocolate until they became evenly round. The original Mozartkugel was born.

The original Fürst bakery is still producing by hand the delicious Mozartkugeln. Their authentic chocolate balls are sold at Alter Markt, Mirabellplatz Ritzerbogen and Getreidegasse. 

The Mozartkugel, initially called "Mozartbonbon" was invented by Paul Fürst in 1890 and named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Nowadays you have several companies making Mozartkugeln – the original ones are only available in shops of the Fürst bakery and online.

Zotter Chocolate 

In Bregl, in the province of Styria, some 500 tonnes of chocolate are processed into 150 different chocolate creations every year. All products carry the FAIRTRADE label.

The FAIRTRADE mark is an independent consumer label which appears on products as an independent guarantee that disadvantaged producers in the developing world are getting a better deal.

Zotter offers an incredible range of taste combinations to please all palates. Flavours include everything from pineapple-paprika, apple-balsamic vinegar, chilli & rum, and milk & oats. Zotter also has more classic chocolate favourites such as  strawberry and apricot. In addition to handmade chocolate and drinking chocolate, the chocolate factory also produces 'boleros' where dried fruits, chopped and roasted nuts and different cereals are dipped into chocolate and coated with pure cocoa, a sugar mix or fruit powder.

Stryrian Pumpkinseed Oil

Whether it's the aroma or taste or that fact that it's 100 percent natural, it'll be hard to buy just one bottle. This Styrian specialty is traditionally used to dress salads of all kinds, but you can also use it to enhance a variety of other dishes including soups, pasta and rice dishes, sauces, and spreads.

The oil is made from Styrian oil pumpkin: the seeds are washed, dried, crushed and fine milled into seed flour. To get one litre of pumpkinseed oil you need the seeds from 30 to 50 pumpkins.

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