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Hangar7 - an arts & culinary temple

Located right at the Salzburg Airport, Hangar-7 is one Europe’s most fascinating places. Stunning architecture, historic aircraft, fast cars, innovative art and world-class cuisine will keep you busy for many hours.

Austria has always been at the forefront of architectural innovation -- but Hangar-7  in Salzburg is jaw-dropping on another level, and defies categorization: a masterpiece of avant-garde design, a beacon for contemporary art, a culinary temple with a revolving chef residency and, yes, sprawling home to a fleet of glorious old aircraft. Founded by Dietrich Mateschitz, co-founder and CEO of the Red Bull energy drink empire, the striking creation -- picture a massive, transparent wing -- has become a landmark destination for airplane lovers, art scene devotees, gourmets and architecture aficionados all at once.

Despite 1,200 tons of steel and 380 tons of special glass, the building radiates weightlessness and dynamism, themes that recur in the cutting-edge gallery, HangART-7, and inventive gourmet restaurant, Ikarus. New this year is that you can see the original wings with which Felix Baumgartner, the sky-jumper, has crossed the channel between Dover and Calais. Come experience this breathtaking creation, conveniently located at the Salzburg Airport, just outside the city.

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