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Together, we are Schladming-Dachstein

From Dachstein's grand south walls all the way to Schladminger Tauern, seven tourism centres impress their visitors with a broad range of offers, famed Styrian hospitality, accommodation of every type and an original rustic charm. 

It's not always about the highest summits - take a beautiful walk to a lake, take a rest in an Alpine hut or visit one of our many museums. Enjoy the many different excursions our region offers and fill your holiday with a rich variety of activities.

Hopsiland Planai

Now the "Rabbit is Loose" on the World Championship Mountain of Planai!

Hopsi, the World Championship's rabbit mascot, has been a great hit with our smaller guests since 1982. Now the Planai Cableways have created a very special project for children: "Hopsiland". At the Valley Station, you will be met by Hopsi rabbit, who will invite you to visit his newly constructed home at the peak of the Planai. On the mountain, Hopsi himself will show you his many fun play spots. The pushchair-accessible circular trail is 1.5 km long and starts from the Planai Cable Car Mountain Station. As you follow in Hopsi's footsteps along the route, you will find swings, slides, climbing frames and even his very own "Waterworld".

Cooling water on hot summer days guaranteed!

Kart-Race Schladming

The World Cup Planai Arena will rapidly change: In preparation and negotiation is the first e-go-kart track in Austria. Guests can drive around the track of 330m without any smoke and with a significant noise reduction. The e-karts can reach speeds of between 40 and 70 km/h. In addition to this, the course is equipped with a timekeeping system so that even with a quick race nothing stands in the way of knowing the winner. It will be an all-weather pleasure suitable for the whole family. The karts can be used by children from a height of 1.30 m.

Leisure park Pichl

Enjoy fantastic hours in our leisure park Pichl. The lake in Pichl is one of the cleanest in Styria (excellent water quality). For children it would be a gread experience: the "Freizeitpark" offers a playhouse, giant playground, bouncy castle, football, tennis and beach volleyball court.

Mountain GoKart Hochwurzen

Mountain go-carts are out of this world and can only be experienced in Schladming-Rohrmoos. On special-made go carts with shock absorbers, you are driving only a few centimetres over the soil over a distance of 7 km at the Hochwurzen Toboggan Run, great fun for the whole family!

Departures every hour from the Hochwurzen Valley station from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the go-carts will be brought to the starting line for you.You can use our safety helmets free-of-charge!

Suspension bridge & “stairway to nothingness”

A suspension bridge in a higher location than any other such construction in Austria featuring a unique "stairway to nothingness". The Dachstein bridge is situated 2,700 metres above sea level, the highest location for a suspension bridge in Austria.

Wild Water

The valley of Untertal offers a lot of possibilites such as fishing at Gasthof Tetter or Waldhaeuslalm, where kids' heartbeat rises to the limit with the numerous animals and the big playground. The highlight in Untertal nevertheless is the adventure hiking path "Wild Waters", which starts in Schladming and leads along the Talbach river until you reach the spectacular alpine trail through "Hoell", where you hike over ladders and a suspension bridge. Click here for more information.

The Dachstein - 3,000 metres of freedom

The Dachstein is one of the most visited destinations in Styria. And no wonder - it’s the first alpine glacier coming from the east. Even the approach on the Dachstein Gletscherbahn is an experience: you rise 1,000 metres in altitude difference and pass a mere hair away from steep rock faces. At 2,700 metres above sea level, you view a fantastic panorama of hundreds of mountain summits. Many highlights as the Sky Walk, Ice Palace, hanging bridge, Panorama restaurant and much more will cheer your hearts.

Guided tour through the mine in Obertal

In the Bromriesen mine, visitors have a true sense of what it must have felt like back in the past having to earn your living under some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. In the dark, outfitted only with headlamps, the mine guide leads you via ladders deep into the mine system. The former mining methods, such as setting fires, chiseling and laying explosives, are still evident to this day. The unique below-ground experience allows you to immerse yourself in the mystical life led by miners. The interplay of being impressed and feeling a few uneasy butterflies has caused many a visitor to climb back down into the mine yet again at a later date. It is impossible to imagine a more impressive way to experience history!

Sky Walk & Ice Palace

Sky Walk - Under your feet: the Hunerkogel rock face dropping away 250 metres straight down. All around you: an unrivalled mountain panorama. Welcome to the Dachstein Sky Walk, the most spectacular outlook platform in the Alps!

The Dachstein Ice Palace is located only three minutes on foot from the Upper Station of the Dachstein Gletscherbahn. It is open to visitors daily all year round - in any weather. Attractions like the “throne room,” the “crystal cathedral,” and the “blue parlour” await you in a tour deep within the glacier that hides many generous niches. The impressive entrance pillars and detailed decoration were created from the ice of the glacier itself by Chinese ice sculptors and employees of the Dachstein Gletscherbahn during weeks of work.

Schladming Loden © Joerg Steiner / no  name Schladming Loden © Joerg Steiner / no name

Winterproof: Schladming Loden

Loden has been the high performance product of the Alpine population for centuries.
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  • mountain lake Spiegelsee with view to Dachstein mountain © Österreich Werbung / Sebastian Stiphout mountain lake Spiegelsee with view to Dachstein mountain © Österreich Werbung / Sebastian Stiphout
  • Mountains: Niedere Tauern near Schladming / Styria Hochgolling © Österreich Werbung /  Homberger Mountains: Niedere Tauern near Schladming / Styria Hochgolling © Österreich Werbung / Homberger
  • Salzawaterfall © Österreich Werbung / Sebastian Stiphout Salzawaterfall © Österreich Werbung / Sebastian Stiphout
  • view to Dachstein mountain © Österreich Werbung / Sebastian Stiphout view to Dachstein mountain © Österreich Werbung / Sebastian Stiphout

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