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Benedictine Abbey of Admont

It’s an exciting concept between Benedictine tradition and cultural relevance which results from the confrontation of the Admont Benedictine monks with the art and culture of our time

It’s not just largest monastery library in the world that makes the Admont monastery special, but also because it has increasingly looked back on the historic patronage of the church since 1997. With the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Admont monastery created a modern framework for works by over 100 artists, compiled thematically on changing special exhibitions. In addition to the ongoing acquisition activity, the Artists-in-Residence programme invites artists from younger and middle generations into the monastery and to create site-specific works of art. Objects that result from the creativity of the artists in residence are labelled "Made for Admont" in the monastery collection. For this exemplary combination of high-level modern art with ancient heritage, the Admont monastery was awarded the “2005 Austrian Museum Prize". 

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.