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Ernstbrunn Game Park

Watching the wolf packs in their generously laid out reserves during feeding and at their turf wars is exciting not only for children.

Here you also learn why wolves have one additional toe on the front paw, that they occasionally prefer to chew a fish meal with their 42 sharp teeth and why they howl not only at full moon. Even dogs (on the leash) will be fascinated by their direct ancestors. In most cases, however, wolves remain quite unmoved at the sight of their barking conspecifics. Embedded in the calm oak forests of the Leiser Berge Nature Park, the Ernstbrunn Game park shelters also many other wild animals: ibex, mouflons, Sika stags, wild boars and rare livestock, like e.g. the Hungarian Racka sheep.
Opening times:

Summer: Palm Sunday – 1 November, Tue – Sun, 9:00 -17:00
Winter: Exclusively on Sundays and holidays, 10:00 -16:00

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