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Fish Restaurant Sicher

It all started with an old sawmill that Alfons and Erna Sicher bought in 1972 to make into a small restaurant.

And since you always find old sawmills next to streams, the idea was to start fish breeding, since everyone likes fresh fish from good clean spring water. The high quality cuisine and the innovative fish specialties (first and foremost the char caviar, which can nowadays be found in many well-stocked delicatessens in Austria) soon gave the restaurant an outstanding reputation as one of the country’s best fish restaurants. The establishment is now run by the couple’s sons, Michael and Wolfgang Sicher. Michael is the driving innovative force in the kitchen, while Wolfgang manages the restaurant and always takes care that his brother’s creations are served with just the right glass of wine. The products they use, such as fish, crabs and the like, and quail eggs, herbs and vegetables, are mostly from their own agricultural production or from local producers. Michael Sicher takes these raw materials and transforms them into finely structured, light meals such as Carinthian crayfish with sugar-peas, ricotta-cannelloni and quail eggs, poached Arctic char with venere risotto or Sicher’s fish with cucumber-apple gazpacho and char caviar, for which the restaurant has won many awards in local guide books.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.