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Gasthaus Schwan

Nestled in a garden with a wooden pavilion, a patio, a bar and shady chestnut trees, one finds the Schwan Villa.
Inside, the inn is divided into a hall on the ground floor where businesspeople and workers from the nearby Swarpvslo Group take their midday meal, and two rooms, and a dining room on the first floor. Owners Angelika and Günther Eberl attend to their guests’ needs. The dishes are mostly made with regional products, including meats from the Gnadenwald Forest and Kolsassberg, vegetable from the surrounding fields and herbs from the inn’s own garden. Wild herbs and mushrooms are collected in the nearby meadows and forests. The game is from the Swarovski hunting grounds, and the trout are bred in the inn’s very own pond. Chef Günther Eberl has plenty of surprises for guests with a wonderfully fresh and creative kitchen, for example the eight-course wild plant menu. It starts off with a mugwort aperitif, followed by a tartar of galinsoga, apricots on marinated sedum leaves, a cold green tomato soup with baked boviste mushrooms, char with cow parsley sauce and kohlrabi noodles, polenta with chanterelles in bladder campion-yellow toadflax sauce, sorrel sorbet, game roulade in comfrey leaves with potato-cow parsnip purée, cow parsnip buds sautéed in butter and scarlet beebalm bud gelee. As a finale, try the blueberry dumplings with peppermint. Naturally, a fitting wine is available for everything, presented by sommelier Angelika Eberl.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.