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Gustav Klimt Centre

Although Gustav Klimt is known for portraits of women and ornamental paintings, his many landscapes are just as important as his artistic development can clearly be seen in them.

Some 46 of these pictures were taken on Lake Atter where he moved to every year in the summer for holidays. Many of these paintings are now world famous, such as the "Litzlberg" study of nature which changed hands at Sotheby's for USD 36 million in 2011. In the Gustav Klimt centre in Kammer am Attersee you can admire some original studies by Klimt in pencil and chalk and recognise the influences from van Gogh to pointillism. Above all, you get insight into the personality of the artist and into Klimt as a “holidaymaker” while visiting the Klimt centre. While walking along the Klimt-themed path on Lake Atter, it dawns on you that he never stopped working even in times of rest and that the atmosphere at the lake meant constant inspiration. Every step you take, you are faced with famous Klimt motifs such as Kammer Castle that Klimt captured from several perspectives, or the lake park that Klimt captured impressionistically onto canvas. At the end of the themed path lies Villa Paulick, where the artist lived for several summers. Unbelievable, but true: today, you can still rent a private room in the nearly unchanged villa. If you accept the simple sanitary conditions, you’ll be rewarded with an incomparable fin-de-siècle atmosphere and you can maybe take a look at the well-guarded guest book where there is a still an entry from the master from 1900.

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