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Gut Oggau

The “family of wines” from Gut Oggau has nine members. Their names are Theodora, Winifred, Timotheus, Atanasius, Emmeran, Joschuari, Mechthild, Bertoldi and Wiltrude.

And what makes them special is that not only are they made according to strict organic criteria, they also look so good that they made it into the exhibition “Design & Wine” at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco! Don’t worry though, you won’t have to fly overseas to taste them. You need only visit Gut Oggau in the Burgenland. At this historic vineyard, one meets Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck (from the well-known family of cooks) and Eduard Tscheppe (from the famous vineyard in Styria), who run an upscale Heuriger with wine sales. Charming: the lovingly decorated courtyard with spacious tables, comfortable benches, floral and crocheted cushions, a nice cellar and an old garage where guests can now dine from a wooden boat that has been repurposed into a table. Delicious: cold-smoked, cured hams, spreads, baked goods, blood sausages and pâtés from the region and the almost legendary lamb bratwurst or the Oggauer Feuerfleck, a crispy flat bread with bacon, cheese and onions. Ideal for wee guests: Max and Moritz, the two goats in the mini-petting zoo, and plenty of room to play and have fun. Opening hours are listed on the Internet.

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