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Valerian spikenard

Anyone looking for the valerian spikenard has to climb high, leaving the trees of the Carinthian Alps far behind them.

Valerian spikenard can only be found in the nature sanctuary of the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve at least 1800 metres above sea level. When this age-old plant was traded in the past, it was actually sold against its weight in gold! It is so precious as it has a relaxing effect without making people feel tired and will revive body, soul and mind. Guided walks to find the valerian spikenard are available and start out from Bad Kleinkirchheim. Along the way eleven traditional mountain refuges allow hikers to bathe their weary feet in wooden troughs infused with this plant. Its tangy, fresh scent makes this delicate plant the star of the hiking season. Visitors to the area are guaranteed a thrilling olfactory experience, especially during the months of July and August. And anyone who starts to feel peckish from all those scents can tuck into tasty Carinthian specialities served at the mountain refuges.

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