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On the shores of an artificial lake on the Mühl river, over which the early morning mist sometimes lingers as one enjoys a delicious breakfast up on the beautiful glassed terrace.
The rooms were always neat and comfortable, but since the renovation they have moved in a more contemporary direction. Simple and elegant, with clear lines, sometimes even bold. But still friendly and inviting. Third, the kitchen: Although Helmut Rachinger spent a couple of years working under Helmut Österreicher at the Steirereck in Vienna before returning home to the family business, he never forgot where he came from. On the contrary, he now focuses on regional products which he prepares with a touch of flair and spark of imagination that leaves no one in any doubt that the man certainly knows how to cook and definitely deserves his two Gault Millau toques. This award-winning cuisine is Mühlviertler cuisine based on the principles of natural cooking, using natural fruit and vegetables and with meat from animals raised a natural environment not far away from the restaurant. The mouth-watering results are Mühlviertler hay soup (yes, it really can be done) with fennel seeds and breadcrumb dumplings, a haunch of young deer with wild thyme and cherries and potato crepes, and Waldmeister charlotte with stewed rhubarb. Fourth, the family: The host family are always attentive, there when you need them, but in a quiet and unobtrusive way that one thoroughly appreciates as a guest. Fifth: The combination of points one to four.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.