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The Floh Inn

Care for the wild garlic gnocchi with shallots and radishes, Danube salmon fillet with Austrian dinkel rice, parsley root, topinambur and vanilla?

Or perhaps you’d prefer finely roast back of venison with dandelion and grape shoots? The menu at the Floh is a tour de force, not only thanks to its culinary creativity, but also due to its strong seasonal and regional focus. Dishes range from arch-typical country inn food such as lukewarm veal tongue, stuffed paprika and baked black pudding all the way to vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free specialties. Strawberries in the winter? Asparagus in the autumn? Not here. Not a chance. Because chef Floh relies on the fresh wild herbs from the nearby forests along the Danube, along with products delivered by his select group of dedicated suppliers from the local area. Along with two Gault Millau toques, this approach and his equally unorthodox and modern interpretation of traditional classics has earned him membership in the guild of “Jeunes Restaurateurs Europe”. The inn’s selection of fine wines also leaves little to be desired: the list merely covers a humble range of more than 1,600 wines, which slumber in some 15,000 bottles in Floh’s own cellar, which likely ranks as one of the largest and best stocked collections in all of Austria.

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The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination.