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Vienna Most Livable City

What the Viennese have long known to be true has also been officially confirmed: The Mercer Study 2018 has chosen Vienna as the world's number one most livable city for the ninth time in a row.

Half of Vienna is green
With around 50 percent of the city accounted for by green spaces, Vienna is one of the world's greenest major capitals.
280 imperial parks and gardens enrich the cityscape. The heart of the city is dotted with pockets of green, such as the elegant parks on the Ringstrasse boulevard and the Baroque formal gardens of Schönbrunn Palace and the Belvedere. One of Vienna's finest examples for recreational areas is the Prater Park, a vast green space given to the Viennese by Emperor Joseph II. It includes the 4.5km long Hauptallee and the famous Wurstelprater amusement park.Vienna’s trademark, the Giant Ferris Wheel, is also impossible to miss.
The recreation areas of Vienna Woods and Lobau invite visitors to go on walks, day trips, hikes and bicycle tours. And one of the last unspoilt wetlands in Europe - the Lobau, which forms part of the Donau-Auen National Park - also falls within the city limits.
Relaxing on the Danube
The river Danube is complemented by the “New Danube” with its outdoor recreation areas and skaters’ paradise on Danube Island. The “Old Danube” is the ideal place to rent a boat, swim and sail. And the Danube Canal cuts through the center of the city and is transformed into a stretch of bars and restaurants each summer.
The cityscape is also shaped by vineyards, which can best be discovered on numerous hiking trails. Vienna’s vineyards are prized for their internationally acclaimed wine. No trip to the capital would be complete without a trip to a wine tavern where you can sit and leave your cares behind you while enjoying a drop of fine wine or grape juice.
Viennese spring water
Since 1873 Vienna's potable water has been supplied by 30 mountain springs. The gradient is also used to generate electricity, making Viennese spring water a healthy and eco-friendly pleasure. There are also 700 drinking water fountains in Vienna where parched visitors can quench their thirst.
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