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Styria also known as the "green" heart of Austria, has an Italian feel. Vineyards and rolling hills in the South and churning rivers in the North make Styria to a one of a kind province.

There are many wonderful sides to Styria. And each one has a Green Heart. Would you like to go hiking? You will see that all roads lead to enjoyment; whether on mountain pastures, through gardens and fields or woods. Are you keen on cycling? Then you have the choice of two long river cycling trails (by the Mur and the Enns), or if you would prefer to pedal a shorter distance, then plenty of casual cycling regions in the east and south await you. Holidays are pure pleasure in our homeland - whether with the family, children, as a couple or on your own.

It doesn't always have to be particularly long routes. There are so many sides to Styria and you can also discover them on leisurely hikes suitable for the whole family. Some of them go as far as over to Slovenia. And all of these leisurely hikes lead past friendly wine taverns, rustic mountain huts and excellent hotels. It depends on your mood and what you want - each according to their taste. What is Styrian cheese in the north is Schilcher wine and Vulkano ham in the south.

Mountain lakes with Alpenrose in bloom, alluvial forests with kingfishers and herons, moors with carnivorous plants, bright meadows for picking flowers, gorges with surging mountain streams, Alpine meadows full of orchids, dripstone caves with stalactites and stalagmites and a 1000-year-old oak - could this be your countryside holiday? Their great natural wealth, breathtaking beauty and fact that they have been almost untouched by people make these areas the hidden natural jewels of Styria and Northeastern Slovenia.

Lots of fun, interesting information and unforgettable adventures offer the eight certified excursion destinations for families. For you as a guest, the quality certification that takes place on a regular basis is a guarantee for a pleasurable day and for the destination hosts it’s proof of their good work.

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