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Upper Austria

Upper Austria combines medieval towns and impressive limestone formations at the Kalkalpen National Park with technology and modern design in Linz.

Upper Austria is marked by rolling hills, transitioning from the plains of Lower Austria to the mountainous regions further west. The capital, Linz, is an alternative to the cozy pomp of Vienna or Salzburg, which has allowed it to experiment with technology and modern design more freely, as with the impressive Ars Electronica Center, a stone's throw from the astounding Abbey of St. Florian. Upper Austria offers medieval towns like cobblestoned Steyr, the thermal baths and orchards of Bad Hall, the impressive limestone formations of Kalkalpen National Park, and the Bohemian melancholy of the Mühlviertel. 

The bike path along the Danube is the cradle of modern biking tourism. The 300-kilometre classic route from Passau to Vienna passes right through Upper Austria and leads through its capital of Linz. Where does the unfaltering attraction that the Danube Bike Path still has on bikers from all over the world come from? Is it the ever-changing landscapes? The Danube Valley offers high-reaching, forested sloped banks as well as fertile plains and expansive flood plains. Is it the cities whose characters are so different? The historical diocesan city of Passau, for instance, stands in contrast to the modern cultural city of Linz. Or is it the cultural monuments that entice so many biking fans to the Danube? Baroque monasteries and castles characterise the Danube just as much as the mediaeval forts and ruins.

Thanks to its landscape beauty, the Salzkammergut is one of the most famous regions in Austria. Here, you won’t only find one of the most traditional summer resorts visited by imperial families, nobility and artists working for imperial and royal monarchies; in Hallstatt you’ll also find an important site of world culture.

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