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Lake District

The Salzkammergut area (Lake District), with a total of 76 lakes, is one of the most impressive regions in the heart of Austria.

Experience the magical part of Austria while hiking or cycling along one of the numerous trails. Absorb impressive colours and smell the beautiful scents of all the flowers. Be astonished by the impressive limestone massifs of the mountains and relax at the most beautiful spots in the region, the so called “points of happiness.”

The culture of this region is lived tradition and custom during all seasons and it offers theatres, dance events, concerts, cabarets and exhibitions. The ambiance varies between impressive theatres to modern architectural locations.

Beside numerous beautiful villages and towns, Hallstatt is a must see. This historic village joined the list of UNESCO "World Cultural and Natural Heritage" sites in December 1997. Stroll through the beautiful village, soak up the atmosphere while resting at the lake and visit the oldest salt mine in the world.

Summer in the Lake District means discovering charming landscapes by foot or by bike and enjoying the crystal clear waters of the numerous lakes.

Most popular hiking routes:

  • Ausserland – Salzkammergut (hike around 6 lakes, intermediate)
  • Lake Wolfgang (nature and culture path around the lake, easy)
  • Lake Attersee (Steinbach – Hochlecken, for experienced mountain walkers – includes climbing)
Most popular bike paths:
  • Central Salzkammergut Region (Trans Salzkammergut - 293.8 kilometres throughout the Lake District)
  • Lake Traunsee (Fahrnau/Offen lake – discover waterfalls, the Gassl dripstone cave and the Rindbach gorge)
  • Mondseeland, Mondsee-Irrsee (Mondsee mountain round route – enjoy a magnificent view of the Schafberg and the Dachstein mountains)

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