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Naschmarkt Vienna

A culinary voyage around the world does not take 80 days, but minutes at Vienna’s Naschmarkt, named the “city’s stomach” by locals. The Naschmarkt has existed since the 18th century and is Vienna’s largest inner city market.

Named the “city’s stomach” by locals, the Naschmarkt has existed since the 18th century and is the largest inner city market in Vienna. It is open from Monday to Saturday for strolling, admiring, discovering and sampling. 

You can buy every food you could dream of here. Fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, bread and cheese. There are also delicatessen favourites such as Persian caviar, sushi and oysters, as well as a colourful display of international produce, especially from the countries of former Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Japan and China.

If the sight of all this bounty makes you hungry, you can eat right in the market at a choice of restaurants. And if you are in town on a Saturday, don’t miss a visit to the most famous flea market in Vienna, which is held right next door.

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Testimonial from Deborah O'Kane, UK:
"Imagine a gorgeous Saturday morning in Vienna, wandering along photographing the fabulous Art Deco buildings and architecture. And then, while looking for the subway to the Schönbrunner, coming across the Naschmarkt, full of curios and the curious. Great for browsing, people watching, and being alongside the outdoor food market, perfect for a lunch or coffee stop."

Naschmarkt Vienna

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