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Austria's Quirkiest City Tours

Sightseeing does not have to be all about following the guidebook in Austria's cities, as those looking for something a little bit different are sure to find out on one of these less conventional tours...

Quirky Tours by City


Love and Desire in Vienna
Stories about love and desire in Vienna are a universally intriguing and almost inexhaustible topic. Viennese have partaken in the pleasures of the flesh for centuries. The so-called “Hübschlerinnen” (prostitutes) of the Middle Ages and the courtesans of the famous Graben street of the baroque era were part of the Viennese way of life and love. This entertaining tour will give you insight into life inside those private dining rooms, and you will hear anecdotes about flirtatious encounters, but also about true love at the royal court.

Central Cemetery
In 1874 Viennese citizen Jakob Zelzer was the first to be buried in the newly-opened Central Cemetery. Today this resting place with more than 3 million graves is the largest in Europe. Besides countless ordinary citizens, the cemetery has the largest number of celebrity graves. Musicians such as Beethoven, Schubert, Johann Strauss or Falco; actors such as Hans Moser, Theo Lingen or Curd Jürgens; painters, architects and sculptors and other luminaries are interred here next to Presidents of the Republic and mayors of the city.

Coffee and Cake
Since 2011, the Viennese coffee house culture has been part of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. There is hardly a better way to relax than by enjoying a cup of “Melange” (a traditional coffee) and a slice of “Guglhupf” (Austrian cake) while reading the newspaper at a café. During the coffee and cake walk you are introduced to the oldest coffee house in Vienna that is still open today, you find out why a pastry shop is named after an opera, and you learn how the famous Sacher Torte was created. You also learn about the so-called “coffee house poets” and get the opportunity to have coffee and cake at Demel, a pastry shop that used to cater to the royal court, and/or to visit the Demel museum.

Unknown Underground Vienna
Hidden from the eyes of locals and visitors alike, Vienna boasts a labyrinth of underground passageways, historic cellars and burial crypts. Although many were badly damaged or destroyed in the last war or in the course of post-war re-developments, Vienna still offers plenty of surprises below its surface. The Unknown Underground Vienna tour includes a visit of the authentically preserved crypts of St. Michael's and the excavations on Michaelerplatz.

Vienna in the Footsteps of the Third Man
Follow your guide through the cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards of Old Vienna, which inspired author Graham Greene and Carol Reed, see the places where Harry Lime lived, appeared and disappeared, learn the fascinating story of how one of the all-time greatest films was made and what Vienna was like in the days of Allied occupation, Cold War espionage and the black market In the Footsteps of the Third Man.

  • Cafe Griendsteidl in Vienna © Wien Tourismus / Christian Stemper Cafe Griendsteidl in Vienna © Wien Tourismus / Christian Stemper


Night Watchmen Tour
Venture through an old quarter of Salzburg after dark on the Night Watchmen Tour. For hundreds of years the night watchman took care of the city while its residents were sleeping, and today you can follow him on his former round through the backstreets of the city.

Salzburg after Dark
Get to know the secrets of Salzburg after Dark(german language side only). On this guided walk you will hear chilling stories that took place hundreds of years ago and find out why we only get scared in the dark. language side only)


Let’s go to Kastner
What Harrods is for London and Macys for New York, Kastner is for Graz. Discover the history of the once biggest department store in the Austrian empire on the Let's go to Kastner tour, a modern shopping paradise.
  • Shopping at Kastner&Oehler in Graz © Kastner & Öhler / Lupi Spuma Shopping at Kastner&Oehler in Graz © Kastner & Öhler / Lupi Spuma


Eisenstadt Woman-Power in Eisenstadt
Pursue the paths of the well-known women of Eisenstadt. In the Jewish district, you’ll hear the exciting story of Franziska Wolf and Ottilie Laschober. In the Haydn house, you’ll enjoy listening to anecdotes about Mrs. Haydn and her social circle. You'll also get an insight into the power of the noble ladies at Esterházy Palace.

The Haydn Story
A journey in time taking you through the life of Austrian composer Joseph Haydn, starting with the robbery of his skull and its reunion with his mortal remains in the year 1954.

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