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Modern Art in Salzburg

Salzburg is not only devoted to the traditional. A lively art and culture scene with a plethora of galleries and event venues embraces the avant-garde, the unconventional and the future-oriented.

Thaddaeus Ropac plays a leading role in the modern culture scene in Salzburg. Born in Carinthia, Ropac has owned a gallery in the city of Mozart for over 20 years. In 1983 he founded the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, moving from Kaigasse to Arenbergstrasse and ultimately to the Kast Villa on Mirabell Square, specialising in contemporary European and North American paintings and sculptures. Initially an old wagonsmith's in the Hernau district's Faistauergasse, interesting works by contemporary artists now adorn its walls and sculptures offer new spatial perspectives. The gallery is run by the international businessman and viticulturist, Nikolaus Ruzicska, combining the ancient structure with modern architecture and art. The program includes artists such as Manfred Erjautz, Ross Bleckner, Ruth Root, Keith Vaughn and Giovanni Castell.

The Rudolf Budja Gallery is located just a few steps from the Festival Halls. The historic rooms of the Palais Küenburg in Wiener Philharmonikergasse, with an area just over 500 m², house a historic symbiosis of contemporary works of art, mainly pop art. The art on display at the gallery, also boasting branches in Vienna, Graz, New York and Miami, includes works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, James Rosenquist, Damien Hirst and David LaChapelle.

Platforms for Young Artists

Salzburg Kunstverein is a traditional art society and an integral part of Salzburg's art scene. It was founded in 1844 by Prince Archbishop Friedrich Schwarzenberg, spokesman for the middle class and artists. The Künstlerhaus on the Salzach on the edge of the Old City was built in 1885. Today it serves as a venue for exhibitions and studios, a place for encounters and the presentation of modern-day contemporary art. The focus is on active discussions related to art theory and cultural policies.

In 1981 a group of ambitious photographers founded the Galerie Fotohof. Since then some 150 expositions have taken place. The Fotohof is a significant platform for Austrian photography. Austrian and international photographers, upstart artists and newcomers present modern photographic art. The gallery also houses Austria's largest photo library with over 5000 titles.

Rock, Jazz, Clubbings and many Smaller Stages

Some 4000 cultural events are held in Mozart's city each year. The overwhelming share of classical music is confronted by a wealth of modern events of social or political relevance.

The newly designed ARGE Kultur in Nonntal is a popular avant-garde location, a culture venue and place for divisive communication, events and culture as well as a stage for concerts, cabaret and small-scale festivals, readings, celebrations, dance and theater performances. The Rockhouse is an ideal venue for rock concerts, CD presentations and small-scale performances. Curiosity is already piqued by it's striking blue outer appearance and distinct design.

The Republic Café is one of the most popular stages for art, culture and communication. The former cinema in the Old City is a venue for events by the scene and summer scene. It accommodates sizzling parties, student fetes, clubbings (e.g. the Salsa Clubbing or the 80's Clubbing) as well as cabaret and theater performances.

The Jazzit is an interesting address for jazz aficionados, where Andreas Neumayer and Susanne Ehl offer jazz away from the mainstream. They keep finding trend-setting newcomers for their great performances. An absolute must for connoisseurs is the Salzburg Jazz Festival, held each year at the end of October, drawing local and international jazz stars to Mozart's city.

The Toihaus in Franz Josef Strasse is a "modern theater prepared to take risks“. The program features an interaction between dance, language, pantomime, graphic art, music and the new media. Performances are always up-to-date and inspired by current and topical issues.

Schauspielhaus Salzburg is located at the Petersbrunnhof, a former estate managed by St. Peter's Monastery dating back to the Middle Ages. About ten theater productions and one children's play are scheduled each season. The pieces range from Antiquity to the present, from tragedies to comedies to the new, experimental theater genre.

The Literaturhaus, built in 1600 in the Lehen district as the Eizenbergerhof and according to the local writer, H.C. Artmann, "Austria's most beautiful house of literature," is an absolute must for literature buffs. Some 200 literary events are held here each year, including book presentations, readings, discussions, exhibitions, lectures and writer get-togethers.


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Addresses to visit Salzburgs cultural institutions:
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac: Mirabellplatz 2
Galerie Ruzicska: Faistauergasse 12
Rudolf Budja Galerie: Wiener-Philharmonikergasse 3
Rockhouse: Schallmooser Hauptstrasse 46
Kleines Theater: Schallmooser Hauptstrasse 50

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