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Ice Skating in Vienna

Come to Vienna for the ultimate magical winter experience: ice skating whilst surrounded by magnificent historic buildings.

The sound of rhythmic music coming from the distance whilst you're in Vienna's snow-covered Stadtpark is a sure sound that things are in full swing at the nearby Eislaufverein. This sweeping ice rink is just a few steps away from the impressive facade of the Wiener Konzerthaus Concert Hall.

Fun on the Ice

The artificial ice at the rink in the heart of Vienna is as smooth as glass and perfectly groomed. To get in on the fun all you have to do is hire a pair of ice skates from the well-stocked hire shop.

All those who aren't quite ready to get in on the action can simply stand and watch. Figure skaters and hockey players each train here in their own separate areas, but most of the rink is given over to recreational skaters of all ages.

Waltz music drifts in from the loudspeakers, creating a warm atmosphere and the buzz is palpable and infectious. The Eislaufverein celebrates looks back on an impressive 150 years of history in Vienna, and is an integral part of the winter cityscape. During the 1920s, the then almost 65,000 sq. ft. rink was the largest in the world. Today, it is an impressive 107,000 sq. ft. and just as enjoyable an experience to skate on as ever.

  • Ice skating at the Vienna Ice Dream © Stadt Wien Marketing Ice skating at the Vienna Ice Dream © Stadt Wien Marketing

150 Years of Skating

There's a refreshment stall in the middle of the ice rink, perfect for taking a break from the skating. Whilst enjoying a steaming-hot drink it's easy to fall into conversation with fellow skaters who can tell you a little bit about the history of the venue and how things have changed over the years.

Follow the Ice Dream

Vienna's Ice Dream ice rink is just a stone's throw from the Eislaufverein and is a fairytale-like installation of romantic ice trails that wind their way through the neighbouring park and illuminated ice rinks meandering between the Town Hall and Burgtheater, passing a Christmas market with food stalls and festive souvinners.

Where You Can Skate in Vienna

Alte Donau
The Alte Donau doesn't always freeze over in winter, but when it does it is ideal for skating and ice hockey, since there is very little snow on the ice. Since it is a natural ice, you should always be careful when skating. We advise not to skate on your own and to steer clear of bridges, since the ice underneath is thinner. The skating area between Gänsehäufel – Kaiserwasser – Angelibad is particularly nice. With an overall surface of over half a square mile, the Alte Donau is ideal for ice skating, ice hockey and hiking on the ice. (German only)

Neue Donau
In terms of size, the Neue Donau beats the Alte Donau, but this means it's even less likely to be solidly frozen over. The Neue Donau offers a skating surface of 1.5 square miles and is perfect for ice skating, ice hockey, and hiking on the ice.

Kunsteisbahn Engelmann

Open from October until March

The ice rink measures 32.000 sq ft. The ice rink Engelmann offers extras like figure skating lessons, an ice disco, lady's night, an evening for couples, and lessons for children.
Kunsteisbahn Engelmann (German only)

Eisring Süd
Open from mid-October until March

The skating tracks that are responsible for the name, which translates to "ice-ring" aren't there any more, but a 19,000 sq. ft. ice rink still exists. In addition to the outdoor rink, there'a an indoor skating area.

Eisring Süd (German only)

Die Eisstadthalle
Open from 22nd October until 11th March

The big benefit of this 17,000 sq. ft. indoor ice rink is that you can skate on it in any weather.

Die Eisstadthalle (German only)

Albert Schulz Eishalle
This is the largest and most modern indoor ice rink in all of Austria. Apart from ice hockey and skating, you can also go curling here.
Albert Schulz Eishalle (German only)

Wiener Eislaufverein
Open from October until March

The Wiener Eislaufverein boasts an area of 107,000 sq. ft., making it one of the world's largest outdoor ice rinks. The Wiener Eislaufverein offers evenings for couples, lessons for seniors and children, as well as figure skating lessons and nights with dance music. In addition, the Eislaufverein looks back on a 150 year-old history. 
Wiener Eislaufverein (German only)

Wiener Eistraum
The Vienna Ice Dream goes up in front of Vienna's Town Hall every year. As of 2017 the Ice Dream covers an amazing 91,000 sq. ft. Next to a 6,000 sq. ft. section designated for beginners and 8 lanes for curling the Vienna Ice Dream is put over the edge by its romantic, winding layout. Around the track are eateries from all over Austria: you can taste anything from local Viennese cuisine to Alpine dishes from the Western mountains.
Wiener Eistraum

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