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Design Hotels

in Burgenland

Take a look at some of the fantastic design hotels that Burgenland has to offer and make the most of your Austrian experience.

All in Red Hotel, Lutzmannsburg

“Red” stands for the disctinct red wines which are produced in the surrounding wine country and can be sampled at the hotel. The colour red is the central theme of the All in Red Hotel and is an abbreviation for Relaxation, Entertainment and Design. The modern and sleek style allows the guest to focus on the essential, attracting young families in particular.

Falkensteiner Balance Resort, Stegersbach

With its curved design and wood façade, the Balance Resort Stegersbach blends with the gentle landscape of southern Burgenland. Opened in 2004, two glass elevators in the interior serve as mobile viewing platforms from which the inside and outside going-ons can be watched. Large window panes, subtle light effects and select colour combinations emphasize a feeling of lightness. Almost all rooms enjoy plenty of natural daylight. The fireplace room and the humidor are places of retreat. In addition to standard rooms, the resort also offers 12 suites of which some come with a private sauna, hot tub or heated loungers. A corridor leads from the hotel to the thermal baths.

St. Martins Thermal Baths & Lodge, Frauenkirchen

In November 2009, amidst one of the oldest and perhaps most breathtaking natural landscapes in all of Europe, the St. Martins Thermal Baths & Lodge - the first lodge in Central Europe - opened its doors to the public. Whether you're a holiday spa-goer or a day-tripper with children, whether you want to discover nature or yourself - somewhere between the lake and the sky, you'll realise that you there is no other place like this. Shaped like a curved snail shell, St. Martins lies directly on idyllic waters, providing a relaxing and exclusive refuge as well as a gateway for outdoor adventurers.

Storkhouse, Raiding

Storkhouse is a unique artwork and guesthouse designed by Japanese star-architect Terunobu Fujimori in Raiding, the birthplace of composer Franz Liszt. It is supported by the Raiding Foundation as part of its commitment to further the cultural exchange between Austria and Japan. Roland Hagenberg initiated the project in 2010 with the goal of creating experimental miniature buildings by Japanese architects in Raiding, a one hour’s drive by car from Vienna. Construction was finished in October 2012 and it has been open to the public since April 2013. Storkhouse also provides accommodation throughout the annual Liszt Festival Raiding.

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