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Where to buy a Dirndl?

With so many different styles to choose from, where do you start your own quest for the perfect Dirndl? Where to find authentic, traditional styles, and which Dirndl designers are known for fun and tasteful modern versions? Here is a list of our favorite Dirndl stores in Salzburg, the nearby Lake District and Vienna:

The best place to buy your Dirndl, of course, is at the “source.” The “real” Maria von Trapp used to mainly wear Dirndl and ordered new outfits with her favorite Dirndl tailor whenever she went back to her native Salzburg. Today, with Dirndl and Lederhosen in high demand, there are enough Dirndl manufacturers and stores to make your head spin. We have selected several companies that provide Dirndl (and Lederhosen) for all tastes and occasions:

Find inspiration browsing the Dirndl museum at the Goessl Gwandhaus in Salzburg, then choose your own style from the many different and innovative Dirndl next door. Goessl also features lovely wedding-Dirndl.

The company widely credited with making the Dirndl an international success during the first years of the Salzburg Festival, now features innovative modern Dirndl and has very cute designs for kids.

Salzburg’s oldest purveyor of leather goods and traditional costumes is a veritable institution. With a client list that reads like the society pages in a glamour magazine, Jahn-Markl is the place to go to order your own pair of Lederhosen.

Every Austrian province has its very own Heimatwerk, an association dedicated to collecting and preserving traditional arts, crafts, costumes and traditions. Most notably those in Salzburg, Tirol and Styria take great pride in their collection of historic traditional costume designs and fashion their own collection after these templates. If you want to learn more about the Dirndl and how to “correctly” assemble an entire outfit, this is the place to go. 

Located in Bad Aussee, Styria, Rastl is one of THE traditional Dirndl makers out there. They are your purveyor of choice if you like the traditional Ausseer Dirndl, which is perhaps the best example of a Dirndl style that is associated with a particular region.

The proud owner of 365 Dirndl, Gexi Tostmann is the Austrian authority on traditional Dirndl and their history. Her daughter Anna now heads the company which is known for beautiful fabrics, minute attention to detail and simple, elegant designs. They also feature a collection of wedding and children’s Dirndl.

Lena Hoschek

A regular at the Berlin Fashion Week, Lena Hoschek creates rockabilly inspired vintage fashion which beautifully accentuates the feminine silhouette. Lena is also a huge Dirndl fan. She learned how to make them from her own grandmother and has considerable success with her own designs that combine traditional patterns with just the right amount of 50s fashion elements.

Quest for a Dirndl

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