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La Strada

Every summer at the beginning of August, Graz becomes one huge stage for a festival of street and puppet theater.
Passengers waiting for the train at the rail station could hardly believe their eyes when a professional “station farewell agency” arrived to put on a splendid ceremony - tailored to their wishes: romantic or stoic, complete with tears and handkerchiefs. This is only one of the “happenings” of a festival that consciously turns unusual locations in the Graz and other Styrian communities into performance venues.

La Strada is the only festival in Austria that collaborates with international renowned artists who explore new forms of expression outside established theaters. The festival supports innovative productions and helps Austrian artists to establish themselves in the pan-European festival circuit.

Every year for one and a half weeks, street theater, acrobatics, pantomime, puppet theater, children’s theater, dance, and clown acts create space for encounters between audiences and artists from all across Europe, but also among locals. La Strada helps visitors learn more about the Styrian capital and its residents and seeks encounters across all borders. This has made the festival a long-time fixture in Graz’s cultural life.
Rooftops of Graz Austria © Steiermark Tourismus / Harry Schiffer Rooftops of Graz Austria © Steiermark Tourismus / Harry Schiffer

Things to do in Graz

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