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Dining Experiences in Upper Austria

Looking for an upscale dining experience in Upper Austria?

Pettenbacherstrasse 3-5, 4655 Vorchdorf
This is certainly off the beaten path and is worth stopping on your way to Salzburg from Linz.

Die Donauwirtinnen
Webergasse 2, 4040 Linz
Located in a former Gasthaus the proprietors strongly focus on Slow Food and great regional products.

Kickendorf 15, 4710 Grieskrichen
Off the beaten path, about 40 minutes west of Linz, this restaurant surprises with two toques.

Unternberg 6, 4120 Neufelden
An unassuming restaurant about 30 minutes north of Linz. Choose a la carte or dine "carte blanche", where the chef surprises you.

This listing is just a small selection of the many luxury restaurant in Austria. If you are looking for an unforgettable dining experience in your travel destination, we suggest to check out Fallstaff Gourmet Club. The site is in German language only.


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Dining Experiences in Upper Austria

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