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In the footsteps of the Third Man

The Third Man, the famous movie based on a screenplay British novelist Graham Greene, showcases Vienna during the years after WWII when the city was devastated and recovering from the horrors of the war, and separated into four separate zones, each governed by one of the victorious allies.

With stellar performances from Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton and Alida Valli, The Third Man, still today has legions of fans around the globe. Anton Karas’ haunting score is entirely played on a zither and the famous and eerie “Harry Lime Theme” is probably one of the world’s most famous film melodies of all times. On this “The Third Man Tour” you will visit some of the original locations, hear about the making of the movie, and may experience just a bit of a chill down your spine …..

You will literally follow in Harry Lime’s footsteps through Vienna’s underground sewer system where some of the film’s most memorable scenes take place . The atmosphere of Vienna’s underworld retains its fascination to this very day.

For a full "The Third Man" experience visit the private Third Man Museum before or after you join the tour. A ride on Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel would be a great way to end the experience, especially when the sun sets over Vienna, with imposing St. Stephen’s Cathedral scraping the sky.

Enjoy – before you know it you may be on the run again …

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Beautiful sunset in Vienna © Österreich Werbung / Beautiful sunset in Vienna © Österreich Werbung /

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Third Man Tour in Vienna

Third Man Tour

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Third Man Tour

1010 Vienna

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