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Graz’s Wine Region

Vineyards and castles dominate the landscape to the south and the west of Graz. An area rich in tradition, it is a favorite get-away for the people of Graz, who welcome any excuse for a culinary excursion into the wine region.
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Things to do in Graz

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Just half an hour’s drive from Graz, you’ll come across the rolling hills of the South Styrian Wine Region. For an authentic experience, stop at one of the many “Buschenschänke”. These rustic restaurants serve their own wines and home-made produce. Order the local specialty, a “Brettljause”, which is an assortment of cured meats, spreads, cheeses and pickles served on a wooden board, the “Brettl.”

In western Styria you should definitely try a glass of “Schilcher,” the famous dry rosé produced only in this area.

Definitely stop by the Lipizzaner stud farm, Piber, where the horses of the Spanish Riding School are reared. Visitors can pet the young foals, which are born black and change color to white when they turn one year old.

Several ancient castles are also well worth exploring. Herberstein castle is home to a wildlife park, and tamed falcons circle above the towering Riegersburg fortress.

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Wine region around Graz

Discover the vast wine region just outside the city of Graz.

Graz’s Wine Region

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