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Kogelnik, Kiki (1935 - 1997)

"My language is the language of images, and this language I speak more fluently than German or English", the expressionist and pop-art artist Kogelnik once said.

A student at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, Kiki Kogelnik moved to Paris in 1959 and New York in 1961.

Her painting style was characterized by bright colors and silhouetted figures and was strongly influenced by Pop Art. Later she began using cutout vinyl and fiberglass. These early interests continue to appear in the present figure paintings of women.

Kogelnik's sculptures are mask-like self-portrait heads mounted on cylindrical pedestals.

Kiki Kogelnik's art, which has been shown at various solo and group exhibitions around the globe, received tremendous acclaim in the European avant-garde art world. She died of cancer in 1997.

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