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Driving Regulations in Austria

Driving in Austria is uncomplicated and offers the greatest flexibility and freedom: you explore at your own pace. Roads are well maintained, whether you select a superhighway or a meandering byway. However there are a few rules you need to be aware of...

An international drivers license is required and can easily be obtained from your local auto club. The major U.S. rental companies are represented in Austria as are a range of European firms. Many credit cards offer free supplemental rental car insurance, which might let you save on optional car insurance. Check with your credit card company.

Reflective Safety Vest
Drivers are required to carry a Reflective Safety Vest in their car at all times. This new regulation is required by law and is subject to heavy fines. Please check with your car rental company before entering Austria to ensure a Reflective Safety Vest is located in the car.

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Highway Toll Sticker

Driving with your lights on is optional during daylight hours and required at night.

Children on board
Children under the age of 12, who are below a height of 150 cm, must be seated in appropriate child-safety seats. In passenger cars and station wagons (also in so-called ”mini-vans”) only one child per seat is permitted, who must be secured according to age and height.

Drinking and Driving
Permissible alcohol limit 0.5 per mill! Exceeding this limit is punishable with a fine or even with the confiscation of the driving license.

In Austria, wearing seat belts is mandatory.

Cellphone use in the car
While driving one may only use the cell phone using the hands-free speaking system. The hands-free system must be mounted in such a way that all elements can be operated with one hand and the driver is not affected in any way. Disregarding this law is punishable with a fine.

Regulations for Motorcyclists
When driving two-wheeled vehicles the wearing of helmets is mandatory in Austria. While driving, the dimmed headlight must be turned on even during the day. Toll stickers are required. 

In Austria, unleaded regular-grade 91 octane petrol as well as Euro-Super (unleaded 95-octane) petrol are available at all gas stations. Excluding the gas in the tank of the car, an additional 10 liters of gas may be brought into the country in a reserve canister free of duty charge. Travelers residing outside the EU may use their vehicle free of duty charge and without any formalities for the duration of six months within a year in the EU region for non-commercial purposes. The vehicle must, at the end of its usage, be taken back out again in an unaltered condition.

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Highway Toll Sticker

Please be advised: Toll stickers are required on all vehicles on Austria's motorways and highways!
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