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Innsbruck's Hottest Restaurants

If trying Tirolean food isn't at the top of your list of things to do in Innsbruck, it will be after seeing these restaurants.

Die Wilderin

Die Wilderin is one of those restaurants that's about more than just good food (of which Die Wilderin has plenty). Owner Claudia Kogler brings her personality into the kitchen and the dining room, and there is nothing at her restaurant that feels out of character. For one, Die Wilderin takes farm-to-table to the next level. Almost every ingredient comes from nearby producers, which means the menu is highly seasonal. The meat in particular comes from organic farming and receives lots of personal attention from the restaurant team. This means you'll probably get the freshest, most tender veal, chicken, and beef of your life, and that the name of the farmer is right there on the menu. Get ready for real Austrian cooking and a hyper-local philosophy on what happens in the kitchen.

Weisses Rössl

When you close your eyes and imagine a cozy, Tirolean inn with lots of wood, friendly locals, and a menu full of satisfying comfort food, it probably looks a lot like Gasthof Weisses Rössl. The restaurant has been in operation since 1509, making it one of Innsbruck's oldest restaurants. This spot in Innsbruck's Old Town lures you in with decadent things like bacon-dumpling soup and cheesy spätzle, and it delivers on creating a dining experience that feels completely local. The Zirbenstube (swiss pine room) carries the fresh scent of wood, the Jägerstube (hunter's room) is adorned with antlers, and the eponymous Rösslstube (horse room) turns up the charm with paintings by Tirolean artists. One dish to try is the iconic Tiroler Gröstl, a cast iron pan filled with roasted potatos, onion, and bacon that's topped with a fried egg. It doesn't get more Alpine than that!

  • Tirolean Gröstl © TVB Stubai Tirol / Andre Schönherr Tirolean Gröstl © TVB Stubai Tirol / Andre Schönherr


There aren't a lot of restaurants like Dengg in Innsbruck. It's young, a little quirky, and more off-beat than the other elevated dinner spots. Restaurant Dengg is a purveyor of Austrian flavors, but with surprising twists that hail from all over the world. The kitchen describes itself as innovative, and in a region with as much culinary tradition as Tirol that makes a statement. The team behind Dengg takes risks with their renditions of Austrian staples like saibling and kaiserschmarren without compromising on the feel-good factor of the local cuisine. Don't ignore the cake and dessert selection: they are some of the best in the city, and Dengg's sister cafe Katzung knows its way around an apple strudel.


"Light View" in German, Lichtblick lives up to its name. It's located on top of the Rathausgalerien department store and has spectacular views over Innsbruck. The dining room looks modern and clean and echoes the city's cosmopolitain side. You'll find international influences on the menu too, which is an upscale blend of Austrian, mediterranean, and pan-asian flavors. Creamy burrata and a ragout of rabbit feel at home above Old Town, and the view of the surrounding mountains finishes off the elevated dining experience at Lichtblick. A fun feature is the wine bar with a 360 view and a small outdoor space that circles around the seating area. On a sunny day this spot is full of locals enjoying a glass of Austrian wine after work, so learning a few German conversation starters might come in handy.

  • Restaurant Lichtblick Innsbruck © Innsbruck Tourismus / Christof Lackner Restaurant Lichtblick Innsbruck © Innsbruck Tourismus / Christof Lackner


If breakfast gets you out of bed in the morning, then Immerland will have you ready-to-go in no time. This tiny cafe near Innsbruck's Old Town looks like it's co-owned by Zoey Deschanel and Wes Anderson - and it totally works. It's set on Wilten square, a trendy neighborhood that's dotted with vegan and vegetarian eateries and became a popular hang-out for locals (come back at night for cool bars like Kater Noster). Immerland's wood furniture and colorfully mismatched decor makes the cafe feel like an extension of your living room, and that's exactly how locals treat it. Stop by in the morning for fresh, homemade bread, pastries, spreads, and jams. Soft, scrambled eggs hail from a farm just outside of town, and so does the milk in your cappuccino. Lunch at Immerland is a fresh, easy affair and the variety of homemade cakes and desserts are absolutely irresistible. Ask the staff about vegan and vegetarian options - Immerland is the kind of place where you can get both a grilled chicken sandwich, and a vegan spirulina iced latte.

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