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The Loisium in Langenlois © Loisium / Robert Herbst

Essential listing on Austrian and European tours including Austria

Tour throughout Austria and download a listing on Austrian and European packages offered by Australian and New Zealand tour operators.
Travel throughout Austria and discover breathtaking architecture.

In recent years Austria has experienced a wave of bold new construction projects. Architecture aficionados from all over the world are now flocking to the country to see its stunning new designs.

The medieval city of Innsbruck boasts with Zaha Hadid’s Bergisel ski jump or the new, contemporary Hungerburgbahn.

Although famous for its music, Salzburg now demonstrates the coexistence of baroque buildings like the Mönchsberg and modern simplicity as seen in Hangar 7.

Wine and design lovers can venture back to the countryside to savor wine tastings in the midst of magnificent design. Wineries in Lower Austria or the Burgenland often blend traditional and modern architecture showing the vintner‘s readiness for innovation.

The nation’s capital, Vienna, has an almost unparalleled range of well-preserved historic buildings. This is a considerable challenge for contemporary architects, whose work has to stand side by side with history.

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