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Wohnzimmer der Hollmann Beletage © Hollmann Beletage

Hollmann Beletage

Boutique hotel, design refuge, living room for globetrotters and the pampered jetsetters: the Hollmann Beletage is all this and much more – a Viennese jewel in the truest sense of the word.

The Hollmann Beletage has just twenty-five modern and comfortably furnished rooms (most of them with large, open baths). This is not large, but it is still enough to be a standout among Vienna’s hotels. The Hollmann – named after its founder, the former chef, baker, and actor Robert Hollmann – is simply different and more individual than other hotels. For example, guests do not congregate in some anonymous lobby, but rather in the “Living Room”, furnished with a piano and library. And instead of the daily battle at the breakfast buffet, guests are served a multi-course breakfast in a kitchen-like dining room. And as if this weren’t enough: you can enjoy a movie night with friends in the hotel’s own home cinema, bask in the Garden of Eden atmosphere of the rooftop terrace, or take advantage of the sauna or saunarium in the Mini-Spa, which is equipped with an open fireplace. And just around the corner is Hollmann Salon, an award-winning restaurant that is every bit as unconventional as the hotel, and which is situated in one of Vienna’s most beautiful Baroque courtyards. All of this, plus the extraordinary location in the historic city centre, only a two-minute walk from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, even elicited praise from the New York Times. The greatest tribute to the hotel, however, has been paid by the Viennese, who are known for being critical. Because so many of the local residents wanted to spend a night at the Hollmann Beletage, a special package was created for them called “Viennese Lovers”. It includes an overnight stay, a candlelight dinner, prosecco and flowers, and breakfast in the room until 11 a.m.

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